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Addressing a Concern or Complaint

Your well-being is our priority!
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Visit at https://lassonde.yorku.ca/student-life/student-well-being#concerns
Lassonde Assistant Dean, Students – ad.students@lassonde.yorku.ca

Some examples of concerning behaviour that should be addressed may include

  • Discriminating or derogatory comments related to a fellow student’s sexuality, race, and/or ability.
  • Bullying or belittling a group members thoughts and ideas
  • Using terms such as rape when referring to academic assessments and grading
  • Female identifying students being ignored by their male identifying lab partner
  • Male identifying lab partners redoing the work done by their female identifying lab partner
  • Constantly messaging or contacting a fellow student after they have asked you not to or you have received no response
  • Making positive comments or references about known perpetrators of sexual violence

Office Student Community Relations

Any conflict involving a student as the respondent (student who is responding to a complaint against them) can be referred to OSCR

  • Student – Student
  • Course Director – Student
  • Staff – Student

CSRR: http://oscr.students.yorku.ca/csrr

Centre for Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion

Any concern or complaint related to a protected ground(s) under the Ontario Human Rights Code and related York policies and procedures, can be referred to the CHREI. https://rights.info.yorku.ca/

REI plays an important role in supporting the work of The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education Office (The Centre) by processing matters under the Sexual Violence Policy.

Process for Exploring a Concern/Complaint

  1. Document all the facts/details of your concern/complaint
  2. Contact rights@yorku.ca, https://rights.info.yorku.ca/complaint-case-resolution-and-consultation/
  3. Options for resolution may include informal, mediation, or formal complaint

Your well-being is a priority!

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