New Students

Welcome New Lassonde Students! 

Congratulations again on your offer of admission! We are so excited to welcome you to the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University and we cannot wait to meet you when in-person gatherings resume. We hope you are as excited as we are to kick-off your first year at the Lassonde School of Engineering! 

Have you accepted your offer? Have you booked your new student enrolment appointment? If not, click here to register for your virtual enrolment advising experience.  


What to Expect 

Our team is passionate about supporting you from enrolment through to graduation and beyond. A worldwide pandemic will not stop us! We are embracing the new virtual world we all live in as it is an opportunity to create something new and exciting for you, and that is exactly what we have done. Your experience matters to us.  

The enrolment process will be completed virtually with live sessions, pre-recorded webinars, and personalized e-mail packages. The enrolment process will consist of a variety of opportunities to meet the Lassonde Student Welcome and Support Centre team, enrol in courses, meet other new students, and get the answers to your questions. Here is what you can expect over the 2-week period beginning with your booking date: 

  1. Live virtual Welcome session  
  1. Individual personalized e-mail with enrolment and advising videos and resources specific to you and your program  
  1. Live virtual Ask Lassonde demonstration and question and answer session with Academic Advising and Student Engagement  
  1. Activities to support your transition and connection to your new community, the Lassonde School of Engineering  



How to Prepare 

Now that you have accepted your offer and registered to begin your enrolment experience, you can proceed to:

Step 1. Setup Your Passport York Account – You must do this to access the course registration and enrolment module (REM).

Step 2. Take the Bethune Math Background Quiz – Your results will generate recommendations to help you further prepare for your upcoming university-level math courses.

Step 3. Download and Setup Zoom - All live sessions will be facilitated via Zoom. Your Passport York username and password will enable your access to York’s Zoom software. To participate in our live sessions, you will need access to Zoom, a fully charged mobile device (ideally a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer, but a cell phone will work too), a strong network connection, and good speakers.   

If there are any factors impacting your participation in this new virtual experience, let us know 1 week prior to your appointment date and we will work with you to ensure you arrange accommodations and have all the information and support you need!  



After Booking your Appointment 

Update your calendars. We do not want you to miss anything we have planned for you!  

It can be tough to concentrate in this new virtual world. Find a comfortable and quiet location to participate in our live sessions. Tell family members and friends that you are starting university and your first assignment is to engage with your new community. No distractions!  

Bad timing? If for any reason your new appointment date does not work for you, simply revisit your MyFile account, cancel, and reschedule for an alternate date. All appointment dates and times reflect the start of a new 2-week cycle, i.e., live welcome session, personalized e-mail, and live question and answer session, followed by a series of engagement activities.  



Important Reminder for Engineering (BEng) Students 

All Engineering (BEng) students share a common first year and declare a major in the Winter term. To secure a spot in your preferred Engineering major, make sure you are meeting the Engineering Program Guarantee deadlines. Click here for the Engineering Program Guarantee deadlines. If you have questions about this process, please reach out to the Admissions and Recruitment team via e-mail:



Accessibility Considerations 

If you require an academic accommodation related to a disability, we encourage you to register as soon as possible with York University’s Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

It can take time to arrange for academic accommodations so the earlier you start the process the better. Registering early can help to ensure accommodations are in place as soon as possible. 



After Enrolling in Courses 

Commit! Don't forget to pay your $300 registration deposit and tuition by the posted deadlines. All fees are managed through Student Financial Services. Your student account contains your online financial statement and some of the items may be unfamiliar to you. To learn more, visit View and Understand your Statement

Explore! You are a Lassonde student now and the University is yours to discover. Check out the Lassonde Student Hub website and York’s Current Students website.  

Order some swag! Textbooks aren’t the only thing you can buy at the York Bookstore. Hook yourself up with some swag too!  

If you are interested in living in residence, check out York’s student housing

Get oriented! Whether you are excited about academic orientation or social orientation or both, York has it all. Orientation events differ whether you are starting in the Summer, Fall, or Winter terms. Monitor your e-mails for orientation events designed for you! 

Support when you need it. Looking for some additional support, academically, socially, or personally? Explore academic and social supports available through York’s Bethune College and personal counselling supports through Student Counselling and Development. We’re here to support you in any way we can! 




If you need to reschedule your appointment or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to connect with our Academic Advising team. You can also review our Frequently Asked Advising Questions website for additional information you may find helpful as you prepare to begin your Lassonde studies.