Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

About the Bergeron Centre

The Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence officially opened on April 8 2016.

Designed by ZAS Architects + Interiors and built by construction firm Laing O’Rourke, it is the new home of the Lassonde School of Engineering. 



The building is designed with a student-centric philosophy in mind that challenges the look of a traditional engineering school. The structure’s unique architectural design reflects its main purpose - a hub for entrepreneurship, collaboration and creativity.



Bergeron Centre by the Numbers:

  • 18 teaching labs
  • 8 active learning labs
  • 0 lecture halls
  • 10 million. The amount alumnus Douglas Bergeron and his wife Sandra donated towards the construction of the building. It is named in their honour.
  • 50 million. The amount the provincial government invested in the construction in the building, demonstrating their commitment to supporting entrepeneurial engineers.
  • 8,000 The number of trianglular metal panels and windows the façade of the building is composed of. The triangles are arranged in a mathematically derived Penrose Pattern that never repeats.
  • 16,000 square metres
  • 1,600 tonnes. The total reinforcement weight of the building, including 10,300 cubic metres of concrete. This allows for high-intensity testing of materials in labs.
  • 6 floors of the Bergeron Centre
  • 3 engineering programs (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical) call the Bergeron Centre home

Douglas Bergeron

Alumnus Douglas Bergeron graduated from York University in 1983 with a degree in Computer Science. He is the founder and CEO of Opus Global and Executive Chairman of Hiperos. Formerly, he was CEO of credit card chip technology firm VeriFone.

Bergeron believes that the building "gives students the freedom to think creatively, to imagine solutions that defy conventional wisdom, and to take their ideas from sketches on a whiteboard into real world technology ventures".

Douglas and Sandra Bergeron also founded the BEST (Bergeron Entrepeneurs in Science & Technology) program, which integrates curricular and experiential activities to develop students' entrepreneurial skills.

The BEST Lab is housed at the Bergeron Centre.


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