Computer Science, BA or BSc

Computer Science is available as a major program leading to an Honours or a Specialised Honours (120-credit) degree. It is also available as a 90 credit Bachelor degree. Students in an Honours or Specialised Honours degree program may also graduate with the 90 credit degree once they have fulfilled its requirements, and then continue to obtain their Honours degree. The degree types are BA Honours, BSc Honours, BA or BSc Specialised Honours, International BSc (iBSc) Honours and International BA (iBA) Honours, and the International Dual Degree (BSc Specialised Honours/York; BSc Bachelor/Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg). 

The Honours major in Computer Science may be combined with most subjects in each of Lassonde School of Engineering, LA&PS and Faculty of Science leading to a four-year double major or major-minor degree. Conversely, Computer Science is also available as a Minor program, which must be combined with an Honours Major in a different discipline.

The intention of a combined program is for students to major in two subjects. In a double major program, students complete course work up to and including the 4000- level in each subject. In a major/minor program the minor subject generally requires somewhat less course work than the major, and still may include courses at the 4000- level. Such combined degrees may require students to take more than the minimum of 120-credits to satisfy the honours requirements of each subject. Consult advisors in both departments if you are planning a combined program.

In the Specialised Honours program students take more courses in computer science and mathematics than for other programs thereby achieving greater depth of study. However, a breadth in education is maintained by the requirement of a significant number (30 credits) of non-CSE and non-MATH courses.

The BA Honours and BSc Honours programs require 120-credits (normally completed in four years of study), more specialization, a higher minimum performance level (grade-point-average of 5.00 to proceed1 — i.e., continue in the program — and to graduate), and in some cases different courses than a BA or BSc degree.   

The 90-credit BA or BSc program, normally completed in three years of study, requires a minimum grade point average of 4.00 over all courses for graduation. 

The recommended courses in computer science and mathematics are identical in most programs in the first two years of study so that students can make their final decision as to which program to graduate in after they have more exposure to the discipline. Also all programs are structured in such a way that a student who embarks on a BA Honours or BSc Honours program can meet the requirements for a BA or BSc degree by the end of the third year and can at that time graduate with either a BA or BSc. If you have the grade point average to be eligible for an honours program, you will be listed as an honours student for administrative purposes.  Only the honours programs (with the exception of the minor) are accredited by the CSAC.

The degree requirements for the various Computer Science degree programs and Streams, as well as for Computer Security, Digital Media and Computer and Software Engineering offered by the Department are listed here.

Streams in Honours Computer Science Programs 
Both the Specialised Honours and Honours Major programs may be taken with a specified focus (specialization) or Stream. The streams provide a mechanism for recognising on your transcript a particular emphasis or focus. Available streams currently include: 
1. Communication Networks 
2. Intelligent Systems 
3. Interactive Systems 
4. Software Development 
Each stream requires some specific 3000- and 4000–level courses (thus specifying what would otherwise be free choices within CSE courses that you would make yourself in an un-streamed Honours Major or Specialised Honours program), as well as a full year (6 credit) 4000–level project, or honours thesis as it would be called in some universities.