Man in goggles looking at pipes

Research Vision

The Lassonde School of Engineering is developing a dynamic, innovative, leading-edge research and collaboration that captivates, engages, empowers and impacts the world at large.
Our research vision for Lassonde focuses on:

- Creation of research culture that fosters the cross pollination of ideas and disciplines.

- Identification of new, emerging and interdisciplinary research areas; we will build capacity and growth.

- Extensive networking and partnerships, through integrated networking.

- Creation of a critical mass of stakeholders in strategic priority areas.

- Centres of excellence or new Organized Research Units and support of existing vital ones.

- Implementation of independent and vigorous graduate studies within Lassonde to provide flexibility in the admission process, to attract the best students.

- Intensification of our presence in and engagement of the community to raise research awareness and improve recognition and competitiveness of our programs.