Strategic Priorities

The Lassonde School of Engineering’s five strategic research priorities aim to revolutionize disciplines and transform society via the generation of new ideas, creativity, innovations and technologies. Each area strongly emphasizes fundamental research complemented by applied research, technology development, societal advancement and the application of technology to address important socioeconomic challenges.
The five research priorities that are supported by existing and emerging strengths within Lassonde are:
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Space Exploration
  • Infrastructure Development, Resilience, and Sustainability
  • Intelligent and Interactive Systems
  • Bio-Engineering
Building on existing strengths in applied sciences, business management, law and engineering, the Lassonde School of Engineering is committed to a new approach to engineering that leverages the specific strengths of the broader York community. We are cultivating entrepreneurial leadership along with business development and management skills to enable successful and competitive future innovators. This is fostered through relationships with the Schulich School of Business, Osgoode Hall Law School, Science, Health, Environmental Studies, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, and humanities.
For the complete 2015-2020 Lassonde School of Engineering Strategic Research Plan, see the attached document.