Honours Waivers

IMPORTANT: The information on this page is intended to be a helpful guide for students.  The official rules and regulations governing academic standards and degree requirements can be found on the Academic Calendars website.

What is an Honours Waiver?

- An Honours Waiver is an exception that allows students who have been exited from their Honours program a chance to continue in their program for the next academic session in order to achieve a 5.0 GPA. 

- If you have been exited from an Honours degree program because you don't meet the minimum GPA required, but believe you have exceptional circumstances that should allow you to continue in your program, you can request an Honours Waiver.

- If granted, you will continue in your program for the next academic session. If denied, the program exit decision will be upheld.

- Honours Waivers are granted when a student has faced exceptional circumstances. 

The process for asking for an Honours Waiver differs depending on the number of credits you have earned or taken.

You should submit an Honours Waiver REQUEST if:

  • You are a BSc, iBSc, BA, and iBA student who has earned fewer than 84 credits
  • You are a BEng student who has taken fewer than 108 credits

You should submit a PETITION to Waive Honours Standing if:

  • You are a BSc, iBSc, BA, and iBA student who has earned 84 or more credits
  • You are a BEng student who has taken 108 or more credits
  • Refer to the Lassonde Academic Petitions and Appeals web site for details on a petition to Waive Honours Standing


What needs to be included in my Honours Waiver package?

Every request or petition for Honours Waiver requires the following:

  1. A personal letter explaining:
  • the exceptional challenges you encountered that disrupted your studies
  • how those challenges have since been resolved or are in the process of being resolved
  • if you've had a previous petition/request for honours waiver granted, make sure to address this and explain why you are continuing to experience difficulty in bringing your GPA up
  1. A detailed and realistic academic plan of action including:
  • how you plan to improve and maintain your grades to achieve the required GPA as outlined in the honours progression rules
  • specific course enrolment plan for the next Summer and/or Fall/Winter sessions
  • screenshots of the online GPA calculator, demonstrating how it is mathematically possible to meet the required GPA
    • make sure to include all the courses you've taken in the past as well as the courses you are planning to take.
    • make sure to type out the complete course code in the appropriate field of the online GPA calculator
  • any additional personal or academic support services you plan to utilize to achieve your GPA goals
  1. Supporting documentation, as applicable:
  • submit any additional information that you feel will help support or explain your circumstances (e.g., Attending Physician’s Statement, Counsellor Statement, notice of loss of a loved one, etc.)

Please Note: submitting an incomplete honours waiver pacakge will result in a delay in the time it takes to receive a decision. 


My Honours Waiver package is complete. How can I submit it?

REQUESTS for Honours Waivers can be submitted online here

PETITIONS to Waiver Honours Standing can be submited online here


How long will it take to receive a decision on my Honours Waiver request/petition?

Decisions on Honours Waiver requests are typically available within a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks, but may take longer during peak periods.

Decisions on Honours Waiver petitions are typically available within a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks, but may take longer during peak periods.

Since Honours Waivers can be granted or denied, be sure to have a plan in place in the event you are not granted an Honours Waiver.

NOTE: If you have been exited from an Honours degree, and were not automatically transferred into an Ordinary one, you will not be able to enrol in courses until you either change your program or receive an Honours Waiver.


I am confused. Who can I talk to?

We understand these rules may be confusing. The Lassonde Academic Advising team is here to help. Visit us in-person, give us a call, or e-mail us!

Student Welcome and Support Centre - 105 Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence



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