Earth & Space Science (MSc & PhD)



Earth & Space Science (MSc & PhD)

The Graduate Program in Earth and Space Science is a multidisciplinary research program offered by the Department of Earth & Space Science & Engineering in partnership with the Centre for Research in Earth and Space Science (CRESS) at Lassonde.

The graduate program provides postgraduate instruction and research experience for graduate students working towards either MSc or PhD degrees. Research is carried out under the supervision of faculty members drawn from Lassonde’s Departments and across York University.

These resources and experience are pooled in comprehensive, fundamental and applied, experimental, observational and theoretical research programs. Specific areas of research include: atmospheric and planetary science, geophysics, lidar and passive remote sensing of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, geomatics engineering, and space engineering.

The program invites applications from students expected to graduate from a four-year undergraduate degree with excellent academic standing, or those with an MSc degree. Students are accepted from a wide range of backgrounds, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science and engineering.

For more information – including admissions, application guidance and financial support - please go to Lassonde’s Department of Earth & Space Science & Engineering website.