2018-2019 Program Checklists


Your official degree requirements can be found in the Academic Calendar for the year in which you entered the program. 


If you are unsure which Academic Calendar you should be following, connect with an Advisor.

The following checklists correspond to the 2018-19 Academic Calendar.  Please note, these checklists are meant to be a guide to track progress in your program.  Students may choose to take courses in an alternate order, provided that prerequisite and corequisite structures are followed.

2018-2019 Engineering

2018-2019 Degree Checklist BEng Space.pdf

2018-2019 Degree Checklist BEng Mechanical.pdf

2018-2019 Degree Checklist BEng Geomatics.pdf

2018-2019 Degree Checklist BEng Civil.pdf

2018-2019 Degree Checklist BEng Computer.pdf

2018-2019 Degree Checklist BEng Electrical.pdf

2018-2019 Degree Checklist BEng Software.pdf

Curriculum Updates

  • Computer, Software, and Electrical Engineering students following the 2018-2019 Academic Calendar will see LE/EECS 2032 and LE/EECS 3216 on their degree checklist. Note that for the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 session, these two courses will not be offered. Instead, students may take LE/EECS 2031 and LE/EECS 3215 respectively.

Coming Soon

2018-2019 program checklists for Computer Science, Computer Security, Digital Media, and Earth and Atmospheric Science. If you are in the BSc Science program, please consult an advisor directly for a checklist.