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The Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence has a limited number of student club spaces available for student clubs and organizations officially recognized by the the Lassonde School of Engineering, Student Community and Leadership Development (SC&LD) and York Federation of Students (YFS). There are more student clubs and organizations than available office spaces. 

All Lassonde clubs/organizations interested in obtaining an office must fill out a Lassonde Registration form (Start/Renew Club) and a Space application form. All clubs/organizations must reapply each year. Lassonde School of Engineering will only  grant resources to student organizations that are recognized as “Lassonde student clubs”. Registration forms must be completed by September 21, 2019 to be considered for Fall 2019-2020.

Office allocations are determined by the allocation committee comprised of Manager, Health, Safety, Security and Facilities, Manager, Student Engagement, Student Life Coordinator and a Student Representative.

Applying for Space in the Club Hub

There are seven club offices. Project spaces are bookable spaces and so any club requesting a project space will be required to book online. Only competitive clubs will be assigned to a designated project space. Office space in the Club Hub will be allocated to clubs for conducting office business. The committee strives to offer a fair and equitable allocation of office space. Clubs are required to share office spaces based on compatibility of clubs and the amount of space within each office.

Application for club space is available online. Clubs must complete all information on the application and submit it by September 30, 2019. (Extended deadline)

Space allocation is a privilege, not a right and is only for ratified clubs. There is no guarantee that your club/organization will receive space. Past history of space use does not automatically constitute a guarantee for allocation and/or renewal. For clubs who are allocated space, their signature on the application and contract constitutes agreement to the terms outlined in this document for the use of space and their agreement to abide by the policies and procedures of the Lassonde School of Engineering and York University.

Application Review

Allocation of space will be on an equitable basis for recognized student clubs. Depending on the number of applications, office space will be allocated based on the following criteria.

  1. Lassonde Registration Form
  2. A SCLD and YFS recognized club/association.
  3. Application Form.
  4. In good standing with Lassonde School of Engineering.
  5. Purpose and need of space – Your weekly office hours must be included.
  6. Ability and willingness to share space between compatible clubs.
  7. Student organization membership (# of active numbers).
  8. The general impact of the club: Services provided to the Lassonde and York community and previous years’ involvement with campus activities.

 The Allocation Committee will review all applications and once approved, rooms/spaces will be assigned. The committee may also request additional information which, in their judgement, is necessary to review the validity of a request. Clubs/Organizations will be notified within three weeks from the deadline date.

Space Allocation

Once a club has been assigned a space, the Student Welcome and Support Centre will contact the club with their space assignment. At this time, staff will also schedule an orientation meeting with the club president to review the policies and procedures for using the space.

Allocations are for one academic year covering Fall, Spring and Summer sessions in that order. All space allocations will expire each year at the end of the summer term regardless of when an allocation was received. Clubs must reapply to retain their space. Applications will be accepted once a year. Dates for applications will be advertised well in advance.

Should the club spaces reach maximum occupancy, and there is still a demand for space, clubs will be required to share their office space. It is the club’s/organization’s responsibility to ensure that staff has current and correct contact information to ensure efficient communication that directly impacts the club. Clubs not assigned space will be given priority access to the meeting room for regularly scheduled meetings.

Clubs are not required to maintain summer office hours. However, the continued usage of this space will demonstrate need and be taken into consideration when applying to renew the office space.


Any club that has been allocated office space is required to provide a two hundred ($200) damage deposit to the Student Welcome and Support Centre prior to receiving access to the office. In some instances, this may be subtracted from a club’s subsidy funding. Where no damage has been caused, the deposit will be refunded in full at the end of the club’s term, when keys are returned.   A separate deposit for office keys may be required by the Lassonde Student Welcome and Support Centre.

Office Keys

The president/chair of each club/organization with office space will be given two keys. Keys are not to be duplicated. Keys are not to be loaned or shared with non-club members. The president/chair will be required to submit a listing of persons eligible to gain access to their office. Clubs will be charged a replacement fee of $35.00 for any lost or stolen keys.  If more than one key is lost, there is an additional charge for replacing the locks. Keys must be returned at the end of the academic year.

Storage Space

Clubs/Organizations may apply/be assigned a storage space in the Bergeron Centre. Clubs can have access to the storage unit during normal operating hours.

Project Spaces

Clubs/Organizations that are assigned project spaces will need to ensure members have appropriate training to access the space. Clubs will be required to provide the Manager, Health and Safety with a list of trained members and evidence of training acquired.  Types of training include WHMIS 1 and Health and Safety Orientation. For more information, please contact the Student Welcome and Support Centre.

Competitve teams will be allocated specific rooms while hobby clubs/organizations will have options to book scheduled timeslots. Once members are trained, the space can be booked on a first come first serve basis. Members using the space will need to ensure they follow the guidelines of the space.

Club Meetings

Club offices are designed to accommodate the day to day business needs of student clubs. However, recognized clubs may reserve free of charge the club meeting room to schedule small meetings. Clubs are encouraged to use the room booking link to request use of 102A (one week in advance is required).  Impromptu meetings are permitted in the rooms as space permits. Clubs not assigned space will be given priority of the meeting room for regularly scheduled meetings.


No changes to the allocated space are allowed that may damage the space or compromise the integrity of the space including nails or screws, tape to glass or walls, painting and addition of temporary walls, etc.   In order to maintain the aesthetics and condition of the rooms, clubs are not allowed to cover the glass with signage or newspaper. Clubs will be responsible and will be billed for the damages to the office space, including the office door or walls, furniture & equipment during the room occupancy.  Each club is responsible for keeping their assigned spaces clean. The Lassonde School of Engineering is not responsible for lost or stolen items in the Club space, be they personal property or belonging to a club. Please lock your items in your office. If there is anyone who should be restricted from using the club’s space, it is the club’s responsibility to inform the staff with the proper information. Clubs may not re-assign or sublet the space they have been assigned. At a minimum of twice a year, there will be spot checks to ensure that club policies are upheld and maintained.


The Club space may not be used for any illegal activities. Students are not allowed to sleep in their club space. All students in the club space are expected to adhere to standards of good conduct and act respectfully toward one another. The standards are outlined in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities:

Club members failing to follow the request of a staff member regarding noise and behaviour will be asked to identify themselves and to leave the Club space. The appropriate club leader will be informed of the incident.


Alcohol is prohibited within Club offices and storage spaces. Please refer to the use of Alcoholic beverages on campus procedures:

The Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence is a non-smoking facility, including the basement and offices.


No open or unwrapped food or beverages may be stored in the club rooms. All food sale/distribution requests must be authorized through the Temporary Use of Space Office.


Good standards of housekeeping will be expected at all times. Failure to maintain an office in good order and in a clean manner may result in immediate removal of the club.


Clubs will arrange to pick up their mail from the Student Welcome and Support Centre in 105 Bergeron Centre.

Sanctions and Removals

Clubs that do not maintain the eligibility requirements may be required to vacate their office.

A Club will be notified in writing that it must vacate the office within ten days. The committee will provide the club with reasons for removal. Where circumstances require, the club may be required to vacate the office within a shorter period of time. If a club/organization is asked to leave the club space they cannot apply for a new space for one academic year.

  1. A club may be asked to vacate its office if the club has caused damage to the office or does not use the office in the manner stipulated in the club’s application.
  2. The club is in breach of the Club Space policy or failed to adhere to any other applicable policies and procedures.
  3. The club has been de-ratified or financial accounts have been frozen.