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Computer Security

B.Sc., BA
Fall, Winter & Summer Entry Available

Explore Your Passion. Find out more about Computer Security at Lassonde.

About the Program

Computer Security is an integral part of daily life and the modern economy. Banks, transportation, electrical grids, hospitals, and schools rely on security to function safely. Security is essential in designing new software and systems such as delivery drones, self-driving cars, social networks, streaming platforms, and mobile apps.

A degree in Computer Security provides you with a skillset to kick-start your career as a leading expert in protecting these infrastructures. You will learn how to assess the cyber security risk and mitigate possible security threats in software, networks, databases, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, and other computer systems.

At the end of the program, you will develop an advanced understanding of computer science and software engineering topics with an emphasis on building secure systems.

Assistant Professor Yan Shvartzshnaider speaks about Computer Security

We offer both BA and BSc degrees, which share the same computer science and math requirements.

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Practice in software development
  • Deep understanding of computer security principles and techniques
  • Knowledge in advanced topics in cryptography
  • In-depth comprehension and hands-on experience with web and network security protocols
  • Practice in database and systems security
  • Real world experience with a range of industry partners
  • Know-how in penetration testing and attack detection.
  • General understanding of malware development and malware detection processes
  • Advanced knowledge of C and Java – used for projects involving software applications, server-side services, and mobile app development
  • Software design models including design pattern and development
  • Various networking and security tools
  • Other languages include: C++, Eiffel, Unix Shell, SQL/mySQL database, PHP, Python

Possible Career Paths Include:

  • Security Engineer
  • Security Analyst
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Computer Security Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Security Researcher
  • Systems Designer
  • Explore more career paths

Some of our Co-op Employers

  • Beyond Media
  • CIBC
  • Interac Corp
  • University of Twente (Holland)

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Work a minimum of 12 months up to a maximum of 20 months while on co-op.

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BA or BSc

Complement your CS studies with either Science or Liberal Arts courses. It’s your choice.

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BEST Certificate

Through entrepreneurial, academic and experiential achievements during your time at Lassonde, you can earn the BEST Certificate.

Josh Sahota, Lassonde Computer Security, student, graduate

Josh Sahota

Computer Security Alumnus

“I was always interested in electronics and computers. I was fascinated with the idea of purchasing devices and unlocking them to do more than they are meant to by hacking. So, when I heard about the Computer Security program, it was a natural fit – I wanted to learn about cybersecurity and software. When I entered the program, I was impressed by the sense of community that the Computer Security program created. I felt such a strong sense of collaboration – everyone wanted to help each other succeed.

Computer Security is a lucrative field to go into, with various types of roles and applications in the working world. I’m an asset to my team at IBM, where I work as a Security Consultant. I have a competitive advantage and I can comfortably speak in many different contexts like software and business, thanks to the technical, niche skills I developed throughout school.”

Cary Ou, Lassonde Computer Security, student, graduate

Cary Ou

Computer Security Alumna

“I first became interested in computer security after watching the 2007 movie Live Free or Die Hard. I realized that with technology being more accessible than ever, the number of computer-related crimes has greatly increased and that it negatively impacts our society. I’m very passionate about protecting our digital world and making a positive impact in the world.

Computer Security is an exciting and challenging career. Being in the computer security field, we can contribute to society. We are on the front line of protecting the community from attacks that negatively impact our lives. Since the computer security field is an ever-changing environment, we face different problems every day. I now teach Computer Security-related courses at Cambrian College to help more people join the fight against cybercrime.”

Application and Admissions Info

Important Information for applicants

Marmara El Masri, Lassonde Computer Security, student, graduate

Marmara El Masri

Computer Security Alumna

“The biggest highlight from my time in the Computer Security program was my research experience and collaboration with professors. Through the research projects I worked on, I was able to extend my classroom knowledge and apply it to various concepts that were relevant to everyday life, such as privacy and data protection laws. My involvement in undergrad research also opened up doors to present at the world’s top cybersecurity conferences. By the time I graduated, I had presented at three conferences, which allowed me to not only build relationships with other cybersecurity professionals and students, but also get extremely comfortable with presenting my work to large audiences and engaging in discussions about cybersecurity. I think that’s a huge part of what gave me confidence to pursue the role I’m currently in as a cybersecurity consultant.”

Nataly Sheinin, cyber security student

Nataly Sheinin

Computer Security Alumna

“Computer Security is extremely in-demand in the workforce. As machines scale and our society becomes more and more digital, the demand for security professionals is growing. Curiosity and passion are important in this work and this type of career can go in many directions.

After completing my studies, I worked as a security engineer at Telus which exposed me to security incident response, network architecture and consulting on managed security services. As a result of this role being a security rotation program, I was exposed to many different skill sets, domains of knowledge, and working environments. After 2 years, I joined Shopify on the Infrastructure Security team.”

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