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Explore Your Passion. Find out more about Computer Security at Lassonde.

About the Program

Learn about protecting the largest of databases to the smallest of IoT devices. The highly trained professionals who maintain and defend our security are in high demand from both government and the private sector.

Computer security is the specialized part of computer science that studies threats to computer systems and networks. It is the science and practice of how to mitigate them. In our Computer Security program you will build a solid background in computer science and math. You will study a variety of courses, including cryptography and operating systems. You will become an expert on all those topics. 

We offer both BA and BSc degrees, which share the same computer science and math requirements. In the BA, you can complement your studies with courses from the Liberal Arts such as humanities, social sciences, history, philosophy and more – fields that help you understand human social and creative endeavours and the potential impact of computing. In the BSc, complementary courses will be in the sciences (e.g., biology, chemistry, physics).

Every part of modern life, whether it’s our financial systems, transportation, power supplies or distribution networks, depend on safe, protected IT systems. You’ll be prepared to protect these infrastructures with a Computer Security degree from Lassonde. 

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Skills You’ll Gain

  • Advanced knowledge of C and Java – used for projects involving software applications, server-side services, and mobile app development
  • Software design models including design pattern and development
  • Various networking and security tools
  • Other languages include: C++, Eiffel, Unix Shell, SQL/mySQL database, PHP, Python

Some of our Co-op Employers

  • Beyond Media
  • CIBC
  • Interac Corp
  • University of Twente (Holland)

Enhance your Computer Security experience

Take it to the next level

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Work a minimum of 12 months up to a maximum of 20 months while on co-op.

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BA or BSc

Complement your CS studies with either Science or Liberal Arts courses. It’s your choice.

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BEST Certificate

Through entrepreneurial, academic and experiential achievements during your time at Lassonde, you can earn the BEST Certificate.

Application and Admissions Info

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