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Young female engineering student in the sandbox of Bergeron Centre

Graduate Programs in

Mechanical Engineering

M.A.Sc., PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Fall and Winter Entry Available

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About the Program

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Lassonde School of Engineering is the youngest mechanical engineering department in Canada. Our professors are active researchers with a social conscience and a sense of global citizenship. Their research programs are cutting-edge with a stunning diversity and scope in the field of mechanical engineering with research interests ranging from nanotechnology to spacecraft technology.

Agyapong studying the microstructure of a specimen on a scanning electron microscopy

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A podcast series with students, alumni, and faculty members from Lassonde.

Admissions Requirements and Deadlines


Our focus in research is in thermal sciences, energy, transportation technologies, automation and advanced robotics, fluid and colloidal systems, special emphasis on advanced materials and manufacturing, surface engineering, optomechanical systems and diagnostics, biosystems and bio-sensors, biomechanics and exoskeleton technologies. Solid mechanics, design, and dynamics, together with system-level design and optimization are other areas of research focus. The department enjoys the reputation of research excellence in the fields of microfluidics and thermal science, advanced robotics, and space technology.


The Lassonde School of Engineering provides a competitive, guaranteed funding package to all qualified graduate students. This funding package can come in the form of teaching assistantships, fellowships, research assistantships, and/or scholarships. On average, newly admitted domestic graduate students received a graduate funding package of $25,500 and $37,700 for international students.

Daphene Solis

PhD candidate, Mechanical Engineering Department

“I always have been passionate about mechanics, knowing how things work and are produced has kept my attention since I was a kid. When I thought about a future career, becoming an engineer felt natural – it was me following my passion.

In a world so moved by technologies and systems, engineering is an agent of improvement that allows us to come up with creative solutions to challenges.

My PhD research is focused on tissue engineering in the artificial production of biological substitutes that restore, maintain or improve tissue function. This area has a huge impact on society since its results can directly impact people’s lives, including reducing transplant waiting lists and improving people’s quality of life.”