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Explore Your Passion. Find out more about Electrical Engineering at Lassonde.

About the Program

From modern telecommunication systems to renewable power generation or medical devices, electrical engineers develop skills that are in-demand in diverse industries.

In Lassonde’s Electrical Engineering program, you will have the chance to train your hands and your mind. We will first teach you about the big concepts that make up electrical engineering.

You will gain in-depth knowledge as you learn about designing a whole slew of power electronics, signal processors and assistive medical devices in your upper years.

Your learning will be enhanced in our various lab spaces designed to teach you about Medical Devices, Microelectronics, Power Systems, Embedded Systems, and Robotics. 

Skills You’ll Gain

  • A strong programming foundation
  • Electronic fabrication, testing and measurement
  • Rapid prototyping of electronic and mechatronic systems
  • Embedded systems and digital logic design including sensor interfacing and actuation of electromechanical devices
  • Digital signal processing using MATLAB modelling software
  • Verilog circuit-modelling language for FPGA circuit programming
  • Circuit design for chips, motors, small controllers or antennas
  • Analysis, design and optimization of hardware and software

Some of our Co-op Employers

  • IBM
  • Ericsson
  • BMO
  • Nascent
  • Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
  • Loyalty One
  • Teledyne
  • Telus


'21 Electrical Engineering


Passionate About:
Microelectronics and implantable medical devices, business, yoga, snowboarding, hiking, watching ballet

My Lassonde Journey:
• Courses related to medical devices, business
• Co-op as Research Assistant, Biomedical Device Research Lab
• Member, Lassonde Engineering Society, Satellite Design Team, IEEE student chapter

Life Beyond Lassonde:
• Medical devices industry, so I can help people live longer and with fewer health problems
• Sustainability
• My own business
• Meet interesting people and get inspired

Enhance your Electrical Engineering experience

Available for all of our Engineering programs

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Work a minimum of 12 months up to a maximum of 20 months while on co-op. You can earn up to 1 year of qualified experience towards your PEng.


Dual Degree

Add a BA in International Development Studies. Available for all of our Engineering programs

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BEST Certificate

Through entrepreneurial, academic and experiential achievements during your time at Lassonde, you can earn the BEST Certificate.

Sample First-Year Schedules


Applied CalculusRenaissance Engineering IEngineering Mechanics
Applied CalculusApplied Linear AlgebraRenaissance Engineering IApplied Calculus
Applied Linear AlgebraRenaissance Engineering IEngineering MechanicsApplied Linear Algebra
Engineering MechanicsEngineering Mechanics
Computational Thinking Through MechatronicsComputational Thinking Through MechatronicsComputational Thinking Through Mechatronics
Computational Thinking Through MechatronicsEngineering Mechanics
• Class • Lab • Tutorial


Materials Science for EngineersRenaissance Engineering IIElectricity, Magnetism & Optics
Applied Calculus IIRenaissance Engineering IIApplied Calculus IIRenaissance Engineering IIApplied Calculus II
Object Oriented ProgrammingObject Oriented ProgrammingMaterials Science for EngineersObject Oriented Programming
Electricity, Magnetism and OpticsMaterials Science for EngineersElectricity, Magnetism & OpticsElectricity, Magnetism & Optics
Discrete Mathematics OR The Earth EnvironmentDiscrete Mathematics OR The Earth EnvironmentDiscrete Mathematics OR The Earth Environment
The Earth EnvironmentObject Oriented ProgrammingMaterials Science for EngineersElectricity, Magnetism & Optics
• Class • Lab • Tutorial

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