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Engineering and robotics student

Space Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), Accredited by CEAB – Fall and Winter Entry Available

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Canada’s only Space Engineering program

About the Program

New frontiers offer new challenges.

Lassonde’s Space Engineering program will equip you with the technical skills required to design solutions to Earth’s problems using space-based assets while utilizing the principles of systems engineering. 

These solutions require knowledge of all engineering disciplines combined with knowledge of unique space environments – both in orbit and on other planets. You will look at the interface of engineering and science through payload and instrument design. Learn from real space missions, starting with initial concept design to hardware and software design, manufacturing, testing and in-orbit operations.

Delve into concepts ranging from spacecraft structures, orbit control and space-to-ground communications to flight software and robotics. As a student, you will learn and practice the design and management of complex multidisciplinary projects that enable missions to the far reaches of the solar system.

Beyond these systems engineering skills, the Space Engineering program also helps you develop payload design and development capabilities, understanding scientific phenomena on the Earth and in space, and designing engineering instruments to measure them.

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Centre for Research in Earth and Space Science (CRESS)

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Advanced knowledge of the systems engineering process and the cross-section of engineering disciplines needed for designing and developing a space mission
  • Payload design and development, covering Earth and Space science, and measurement and instrumentation design to interact with this science.
  • Space mission and vehicle design, space communications, space environment and orbital dynamics
  • The use of software tools for designing and modelling projects involving robotics; Earth observation, planetary missions, communications systems and other space applications are emphasized while frequently using industry-standard tools
  • Hardware laboratories provide hands-on learning for many subsystems required in spacecraft design
  • Valuable experience with hardware test methods required prior to spaceflight

Some of our Co-op Employers

  • MDA
  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Canadensys
  • eSight Corporation
  • Cheelcare

This is Lassonde: Podcast

A podcast series with students, alumni, and faculty members from Lassonde.

Featured Courses

A selection of courses from our Space Engineering experience

Engineering and robotics student

Space Systems Engineering

Experience the process of creating a successful launch of a mission that could make a sizeable difference in the world while learning about space subsystems and how they interface to develop a full-functioning system.

You will work on a mission in a student team using a systems engineering design process, including mission requirements, and design fundamentals to tackle a prevalent, real-world problem.

Satellites in space

Geophysics and Space Science

Learn about Earth and its natural occurrences and how they play a part in various components of life through gravitational aspects, seismic waves, earthquake fault plane solutions and other forms.

You’ll also discover how these principles can also be applied to the space environment.

Lab experiences include:

  • Communications through means of a parabolic antenna.
  • Sending LCP and RCP polarized radio waves to be received by and the antenna.

Enhance your Space Engineering experience

Available for all of our Engineering programs

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Work a minimum of 12 months up to a maximum of 20 months while on co-op. You can earn up to 1 year of qualified experience towards your PEng.


Dual Degree

Add a BA in International Development Studies with this Dual Degree. Available for all of our Engineering programs.

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BEST Certificate

Through entrepreneurial, academic and experiential achievements during your time at Lassonde, you can earn the BEST Certificate.

Sample First-Year Schedules


Applied CalculusRenaissance Engineering IEngineering Mechanics
Applied CalculusApplied Linear AlgebraRenaissance Engineering IApplied Calculus
Applied Linear AlgebraRenaissance Engineering IEngineering MechanicsApplied Linear Algebra
Engineering MechanicsEngineering Mechanics
Computational Thinking Through MechatronicsComputational Thinking Through MechatronicsComputational Thinking Through Mechatronics
Computational Thinking Through MechatronicsEngineering Mechanics
• Class • Lab • Tutorial


Materials Science for EngineersRenaissance Engineering IIElectricity, Magnetism & Optics
Applied Calculus IIRenaissance Engineering IIApplied Calculus IIRenaissance Engineering IIApplied Calculus II
Object Oriented ProgrammingObject Oriented ProgrammingMaterials Science for EngineersObject Oriented Programming
Electricity, Magnetism and OpticsMaterials Science for EngineersElectricity, Magnetism & OpticsElectricity, Magnetism & Optics
Discrete Mathematics OR The Earth EnvironmentDiscrete Mathematics OR The Earth EnvironmentDiscrete Mathematics OR The Earth Environment
The Earth EnvironmentObject Oriented ProgrammingMaterials Science for EngineersElectricity, Magnetism & Optics
• Class • Lab • Tutorial

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