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Integrated Program: Digital Technologies (B.A.Sc.)

Be a part of this extraordinary first for Canada!

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The Integrated Program in Digital Technologies is a uniquely flexible alternative to traditional university study where 80% of the program is experiential, so students apply their theoretical learning immediately and continuously on the job. 20% of their work time is dedicated to academics, delivered during intensive five-day block periods at the Markham Campus every five to six weeks.

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A four-year degree program for aspiring technology solutions professionals looking to develop, protect and improve products, services and productivity through the implementation of technology solutions as software developers, cyber security analysts, and data scientists.

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A collaboratively co-designed program bringing together technology experts from leading national organizations and the Lassonde School of Engineering.

The Integrated Program: Digital Technologies launched in September 2023, delivered through our state-of-the-art Learning Space in IBM Canada’s headquarters. Learn more about how this type of programming can help solve Canada’s tech shortage by reading Dean Jane Goodyer’s op-ed in the Toronto Star.

I’m a learner

What’s completely unique about the Integrated Program: Digital Technologies program is that it combines full-time paid work with study. That means you’ll earn while you learn! Imagine earning a full-time salary while spending approximately 20% of your working time studying for a Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Technologies degree. This program has been designed with a wide range of organizations to provide a combination of both work-based and academic experiences that will give you a competitive edge upon graduation.

I’m an employer

As a corporate leader, you know well that to keep pace with the rapid evolution of knowledge and shifts in the way we educate, learn and work, we must continuously adapt and innovate. The need for more work-integrated learning opportunities is even more important given skills shortages, exacerbated by COVID-19. To help you upskill your existing workforce and access new talent pipelines, increasing equity, diversity and inclusion, Lassonde has created Canada’s first Integrated Program.

Media Coverage

Dean Jane Goodyer with Digital Technologies students

Pioneering program at York has students working full-time

University Affairs spotlights our fully work-integrated degree program in Digital Technologies program, a first for Canada. The article features an interview with Lassonde’s Associate Dean Academic and Students, Richard Hornsey, and underscores the advantages of this learning model, including increased access for underrepresented groups and benefits for Canada’s tech sector. […]

December 1, 2023

News Article in University Affairs
young professionals at a meeting

York University’s Lassonde School of Engineering Introduces Inaugural Cohort of Canada’s First Fully Work-Integrated Degree Program

Lassonde School of Engineering at York University is launching Canada’s first fully work-integrated degree program, designed to address Canada’s digital skills shortage. Starting September 6th, learners in the Digital Technologies program will be employed full-time for four years, earning a salary while studying for a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree. […]

August 31, 2023

Jane Goodyer is the Dean of the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University

Work-integrated learning programs bring innovation to education

Collaboration between universities and employers is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive global economy. A recent survey of Canadian businesses found that 62 percent reported having difficulty finding job candidates with the right technical skills, especially in technology-related fields. To close the skills gap, employers are looking to universities to […]

January 18, 2023

Op-ed by Jane Goodyer
in Research Money
Dean Jane Goodyer sitting in a grey chair using a laptop

York University Announces Canada’s First Fully Work Integrated Degree in Digital Technologies

The Lassonde School of Engineering at York University is paving the way when it comes to alternative types of learning, focusing on non-traditional avenues that encourage a company to hire candidates based on their future potential and invest in their learning and development. Something that seems quite innovative in Canada is already well-established in other parts of the world. […]

October 24, 2022

An interview with Jane Goodyer
and Tech Talent
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Innovative post-secondary solutions will help solve Canada’s tech-sector skills shortage

Canada is facing a digital skills shortage that, if left unaddressed, will present a major barrier to business growth across all sectors and industries. As corporate leaders continue facing difficulties recruiting and retaining tech talent, universities in Canada can play a vital role in leading the development and implementation of innovative post-secondary solutions that address existing human resources gaps. […]

October 17, 2022

Op-ed by Jane Goodyer
in The Hill Times
Toronto Star article screencap

Canada is desperate for tech workers. Here’s one way to help solve the problem

Despite layoffs in recent months, technology workers are in high demand in Canada. A look at online job postings reveals many opportunities for software developers, data scientists and other workers in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. There seem to be more jobs than there are qualified people to do them. […]

October 1, 2022

Op-ed by Jane Goodyer
in Toronto Star
5 employees looking at the camera in an office

Students can earn a salary while they learn

Whether you’re trying to complete a university degree or earn a living, either can be challenging. Trying to do both simultaneously can feel downright impossible. That’s where work-integrated degree programs can offer promising solutions—providing more affordable, inclusive education pathways to careers. This is particularly crucial in the digital technologies arena where Canada is coming up […]

September 26, 2022

News Article in Maclean’s
keyboard closeup, software developer is programming on a desktop computer

Digital ‘apprenticeships’ could solve Canada’s tech talent shortage

When corporate leaders in Canada were asked to name threats to business growth in a 2021 KPMG outlook poll, digital skills was identified as the top concern. Across every sector and size, Canadian businesses are unable to recruit and retain digital technology specialists who can help them keep pace with new and emerging IT solutions. […]

August 7, 2022

Op-ed by Jane Goodyer
in Toronto Star