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Astronaut Jeremy Hansen visits Lassonde

On Wednesday, October 12 Astronaut Jeremy Hansen visited the Lassonde School of Engineering and spoke to students about his journey and his hopes for the future.

The event was emceed by two space engineering students, Sogand Talebi and Semi Hasaj.

During his talk Hansen discussed how he had become an astronaut, the difficulties he encountered and how he overcame his doubts.

He admonished Lassondie students to be steadfast and ambitious, to focus on problem-solving, teamwork and learning how to learn, rather than technical skills.

After his talk, Hansen answered questions from Lassonde students.

Jeremy Hansen is one of Canada’s two astronauts. He began flying at the age of 17, and eventually became a CF-18 fighter pilot. In 2009, he went on to be selected by the CSA from a pool of over 5,300 candidates.

Since then, his intensive astronaut training has included an abundance of out-of-this-world experiences like geological expeditions in the High Arctic, exploring alien caves and conducting scientific experiments in weightlessness.

Jeremy Hansen hopes to go to space in 2020.


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