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DataWind CEO Suneet Singh Tuli receives Renaissance Engineer of the Year Award

At the inaugural Lassonde Awards, Suneet Singh Tuli, President & CEO of DataWind (TSX: DW), was conferred the Renaissance Engineer of the Year Award by Lassonde School of Engineering at York University.  Founding Dean of Lassonde School of Engineering, Janusz Kozinski presented the award to Suneet Singh Tuli in presence of Pierre Lassonde, the founder of the School of Engineering at York University.  The Awarded is conferred to an individual that exemplifies the Renaissance Engineer in pursuit of greater prosperity for all.

Suneet has recognized for DataWind’s revolutionary and innovative approach to bridge the digital divide for the forgotten billions with its launch of free internet access on low-cost smartphones and tablets.

Commenting on the award, Suneet Singh Tuli, President & CEO, DataWind said, “I am truly humbled and honoured to receive this prestigious award.  The curriculum, pedagogy and approach of Lassonde School of Engineering marks a revolutionary new chapter in engineering education that encapsulates the realities and challenges of the ever-growing complexities arising from dynamic diverse communities without losing sight of holistic social development. 

It gladdens me to note that DataWind’s breakthrough technology and approach to bridge the digital divide has been recognized as a modern-day Renaissance in creating greater access and connectivity for the forgotten billions”, added Tuli.

Speaking on the occasion, Founding Dean, Janusz Kozinski, Lassonde School of Engineering said, “Suneet Singh Tuli embodies what it means to be a Renaissance Engineer. He’s not just talking about changing the world, he’s doing it. He isn’t just creating new technology, he’s making it accessible and affordable to the people who need it most. He is the perfect role model for our students.”

The announcement was also featured in The Mississauga News.


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