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A manager talking to job candidate while reading her CV during a meeting in the office.

Hiring Process

Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Technologies (BASc)

The applicant pool for this program is close to 400 students!

These students have an understanding of the tech sector with previous hands-on skills and/or experience. They include:

  • Professionals looking to upskill
  • Current employees
  • University and college transfer students
  • High-potential high school students who perform best through hands-on learning and aspire to a career in tech

Hiring Process

Step 1: Send us your posting

It will go live right away, we will promote to the candidates and you will receive applications upon your set deadline.

Step 2: Interview

You will lead the pre-screening and interview process.

Step 3: Offer

We will facilitate the job offer process or you can present the offers directly to the candidate to ensure a decision is communicated within your offer acceptance timelines.

Recruitment Timeline

Learn about the program structure and job posting requirements

Prepare job description

Review of Employer and York University Service Agreement 
Advertise job postings 

Shortlist applications 
Participate in recruitment information sessions/events 
Interview candidates 

Present Offers 
Continue to Post 
Confirm number of hires and begin onboarding process Students begin to work and study 

Sample hiring positions to post (these may include your existing 12 or 16-month co-op roles):

  • Application Developer    
  • Computer Systems Analyst  
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Data Analyst – Informatics and Systems  
  • Information Management Systems Specialist
  • Machine Learning Developer
  • Programmer
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Security Architect
  • Software Developer
  • System Security Analyst
  • Systems Designer

Posting Criteria:

  • Positions start in Fall (September) every year
  • Post 12 or 16-month student roles, these may include existing co-op opportunities
  • Positions must be paid, we recommend at least the Living Wage (

Recruitment Support

Employers receive recruitment support from Lassonde including building your brand on campus and connecting you with top talent through customized recruitment events at no extra cost!

Students will complete four work terms of 12 months to graduate, with the same employer or various employers. Students will be working full time while studying full time and receiving academic training on computational thinking, object-oriented programming, software development, understanding cybersecurity, and data structures. By year three and four, students will choose to specialize in software development, cybersecurity, or data science. Academic knowledge will be complemented with business communication, problem-solving and teamwork, giving you a well-rounded professional student that performs to high standards.  View curriculum insights and Meet the Faculty.

Students will apply knowledge on-the-job on a continuous basis while completing 10 credits per term. Learning will be acquired through:
Online weekly coursework, approximately four hours per week
In-person learning on-campus for a one-week block twice per term
For the first year only, students will complete a three-week intensive orientation at the beginning of the term to train and introduce professional skills and learning objectives.

Employers and students will receive continuous support and guidance from Course Directors, a Professional Skills Coach and our Business Development Manager.
• Build time in the student’s work schedule to allow one half-day per week for academic work.
• Provide mentorship and training resources.
• Review student performance and provide feedback on a regular basis (mid-term informal assessment, and end-of-term).
• Release the student for one week of intensive learning twice per academic term, i.e., Fall, Winter, and Summer.
• At the beginning of the term, discuss learning goals and objectives for the term.
• Read through the student’s academic reflection reports to verify projects, and scan for confidentiality.

Funding Incentives:

Employers hiring students can access the Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP), which provides 50% or 70% of your student’s wage back, up to a maximum of $5,000 or $7,000 if your student belongs to an underrepresented group.

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Marily Molina

Marily Molina

Business Development Manager