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Curriculum Insights for Students

Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Digital Technologies


The BASc in Digital Technologies is a unique program designed to equip you with the skills required for a successful career in the digital technologies sector. It aims to address the skill gap across the digital industries through a combination of degree level education and workplace learning. The first of its kind in Canada, this fully work-integrated learning program enables you to earn a salary as a full-time employee with one of our employer partners while dedicating approximately 20% of your work time to study for Bachelor of Applied Science degree through a combination of online and on-campus sessions. The program has been designed in collaboration with companies like Ceridian, CGI, Cinchy Inc., Cisco Canada, Connected (Connected.io, Now part of Thoughtworks), EY Canada, General Motors of Canada Company, IBM Canada, mimik Technology Inc., RBC, Saa Dene Group, Shopify Inc., TELUS Health, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and TribalScale Inc.

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Is this program right for you?

Whether you are a high school graduate, a professional looking to shift your career to the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) field or an existing employee in the technology sector looking to climb up the corporate ladder, this innovative program has you covered. The holistic design of the program allows you to strengthen the fundamentals in the first two years and then excel in one of the following specializations:

  1. Software Developer
  2. Cyber Security Analyst
  3. Data Scientist

Delivery model

The program delivery is designed with flexible learning activities integrating theory, practice and reflection over the year at a pace that best suits you and your work environment. You will attend a 3-week induction in the beginning, after which the delivery becomes blended. You will get a weekly half-day release from work to allow for self-study (webinar, lecture, tutorials) interspersed with regular (e.g., every 6-7 weeks) 5-day blocks to attend campus. At the same time, you will continue skill development by fulfilling your work tasks and duties. You will also need to devote some additional time for independent study, assignments, reflection and preparation.

To ensure you can balance degree-level studies with full-time work over four years, the program is designed to deliver:

  • Academic-only courses: where learning objectives are met through a blend of classroom, synchronous and asynchronous learning activities.
  • Academic & workplace courses: where learning objectives are met through a blend of classroom, synchronous and asynchronous learning, and workplace experience.

You will receive continuous support & guidance through a robust student support system including a Course Director, Professional Skills Coach and others.


Gain Fundamental knowledge about design, development, and analysis of digital technology solutions along with a self-managed approach to develop effective workplace skills like organization, communication and teamwork.

● Introduction to Computational Problem Solving
● General Mathematics for Software Development
● Teamwork and Communication in Software Development
● Introduction to Business
● Workplace Reflection I
● Understanding Cyberspace
● Disruptive Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship
● Object-Oriented Problem Solving
● Web Development Basics
Continue to develop an understanding of the development of robust & secure digital systems along with engaging effectively in an organization across various levels of stakeholders.

● Systems Programming
● Data Structures, Algorithms and Analysis
● Practice of Software Development
● Operating Systems
● Communications and Network Fundamentals
● Security Fundamentals
● Introduction to Data Management
● Workplace Reflection II
● Elective
Develop skills to select, design, build and maintain fit-for-purpose digital systems; and contribute as an active member of the workplace community with strategic communication & problem-solving skills.

● Software Development Lifecycle
● Software Security
● Security and Privacy: Awareness and Governance
● Introduction to Data Analytics
● Introduction to Project Management
● Digital Technologies Project

Software Development Specialization:

● Software Development I
● Software Development II

Security Specialization:

● Network Security
● Basics of Cryptography

Data Science Specialization:

● Database Systems
● Data Acquisition and Governance
Become a well-rounded professional who is proficient in applying theoretical knowledge with critical analysis to solve practical issues and meet business goals.

● Machine Learning: Foundations
● Machine Learning: Applications
● Cloud Computing: Infrastructure and Software
● User-Driven Development

Software Development Specialization:

● Software Development: Requirements
● Software Development: Architectures and Metrics
● Software Development: Testing
● Software Development Project

Security Specialization:

● System Security: Architecture and Engineering
● System Security: Trust, Identity and Access
● System Security: Detection, Response, Recovery
● Security Project

Data Science Specialization

● Data Storage and Retrieval
● Data Mining
● Data Analysis and Presentation
● Data Science Project


The strategy for assessment in this program is driven by industry norms. There will be a wide variety of formative assessment tasks including class discussions, peer feedback on in-class presentations, workshop activities with feedback, online quizzes and tutor feedback on project work. You will also be completing a mandatory portfolio over the four years, which will document your progress towards personal, professional and program learning objectives.

What will you gain?

As a learner in this innovative program, you will:

  • enjoy the benefits of being a full-time employee.
  • get paid time off to study and attend classes.
  • develop an appreciation of the social, ethical, environmental and professional aspects of development and usage of digital technologies.
  • acquire the technical skills required for a future technical leader, including the creation of software solutions, development of digital technology infrastructure, security and data privacy methodologies, data and information management & analytics.
  • hone various soft skills needed for a future business leader including critical analysis, stakeholder management, agility, business communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, leadership and project management.
  • gain a competitive edge at program completion with four years of work experience at one of our partner organizations.
  • receive a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Digital Technologies upon graduation.