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Partner Testimonials

Jane Goodyer

Dean, Lassonde School of Engineering

“To scale up Canada’s tech workforce, universities and employers need to collaborate to create and facilitate more affordable, inclusive post-secondary education pathways to digital technologies careers. We’re doing just that with the new Digital Technologies program, partnering with six forward-thinking organizations to empower individuals from groups who have not traditionally been represented in the ICT sector. This is important, with research showing that employers with a more diverse workforce perform better financially and contribute to a more decolonizing, equitable, diverse and inclusive society.”

Anne-Sophie Ramette

HR Director, ALSTOM Transport Canada Inc.

“As a global leader in smart and sustainable mobility solutions, Alstom is always searching for new sources for top talent. We are proud to partner with York’s Lassonde School of Engineering in helping these enthusiastic students earn while they learn and hope to continue to work together to evolve and grow this excellent education program.”

Amalan Kris

Director – Cyber Security, BMO Financial Group

“At BMO, we are continuously looking at ways to innovate. Partnering with Lassonde School of Engineering has given us an opportunity to work with emerging talent. BMO recognizes the importance of long-term commitment as we cultivate talent for the future. Participating in the program has given us an edge in how we recruit talent at BMO. We’re incredibly thrilled to be part of this program as we continue to collaborate and share best practices with Lassonde School of Engineering.”

Steve Knox

VP of Global Talent Acquisition at Ceridian

“Finding ways to navigate the new world of work is at the heart of Ceridian’s commitment to its customers, partners, and people. We are honoured to be a part of this innovative program that will have long-term benefits for students, our organization, and Canada’s innovation economy. Through our work with the Lassonde School of Engineering, we’re helping to shape talent of the future through ongoing real-world experience, while broadening our talent pool in key areas including cyber security, software development, and data science.”

Brett Hotas

Program Director,
Career Ready, TECHNATION

“The talent shortage in Canada’s tech sector is acute and there is a critical need for post-secondary programming where learning outcomes are data-driven and industry-defined. It’s clear that TECHNATION’s members, and certainly the entire tech industry, require expedited access to talent. An effective way of enhancing employers’ reach is through new and bold approaches; activating innovative work-integrated learning opportunities as Lassonde’s Integrated Program plans to offer. TECHNATION will continue addressing the talent gap by bringing industry, academia, and government together to drive innovation.”

Alison Evans Adnani

Dev Degree Program Lead at Shopify

“We’re thrilled to have been part of the Trailblazer team for this innovative new work-integrated learning program that recognizes the learning that occurs at work and creates opportunities for students to earn a living as part of their degree program. Shopify has partnered with Lassonde since 2018 for the Dev Degree program, and we’re excited to have this type of learning be accessible to more companies and students.”

Lila Adamec

Leader, Academic Integration and Strategy, IBM Canada

“Participating in Lassonde’s new work-integrated program reinforces IBM’s continued commitment to create a more diverse workforce and cultivate a flexible, inclusive, and equitable work environment. Doing so helps us continue to create a culture of transparency and trust among IBMers to drive employee engagement and retention as well as to be globally competitive.”

Sep Alamouti

Director of Developer Community and Academy at mimik Technology Inc.

“We are excited to partner with York University to collaborate and train the next generation of technology leaders on new disruptive concepts such as cloud decentralization, business logic decentralization (Blockchain),  ethical AI, sustainable business models for internet and data monetization, and any other disruptive technologies that will have a profound socioeconomic impact. This partnership is an important step towards training the next generation of Canada’s innovative, skilled workers and lifelong learners who can adapt to the new norms driven by digital transformation. Working together with York University, we will ensure that practice meets theory across all functional areas. This not only helps learners to improve their interpersonal and management skills and become industry-ready but also helps companies learn from the new generation of students and graduates. We are looking forward to the positive impact of the new Integrated Program: Digital Technologies, and solving real-world problems that benefit Canada and the Global community.”