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Connect with us on specific topics!

Spotlight Sessions are information sessions focusing on specific topics like:

• Each Lassonde Program
• First Year Engineering
• Co-op at Lassonde

and more!

We’ll start with a short presentation from various members of the Lassonde Community (profs, current students, advisors) and then open the session for you to ask questions!

Check out the schedule below and register for sessions in advance. This way, you can send in your questions beforehand and receive reminders about the start times!

Upcoming Sessions


Wednesday, May 22 (4PM – 5PM EDT)

Join us for an enlightening info session hosted by the Space Engineering department!
Chat with our profs and students about the innovative research and projects in this program.


Thursday, May 23 (4PM – 5PM EDT)

Want to learn more about our Earth and Atmospheric Science program?
Speak with our passionate profs and students about courses, labs, and potential careers in this field.
*We also highly encourage you to join this session if you’ve received an alternate offer for Earth and Atmospheric Science!


Friday, May 24 (4PM – 5PM EDT)

Come chat with our awesome panel of current Lassonde Engineering students! They represent our Computer, Software, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, and Space Engineering programs.
Find out why they picked their majors, hear about the coolest experiences they’ve had at Lassonde, and get a glimpse of what they’re excited about for the future. Plus, they’re here to answer any Engineering questions you have!


Tuesday, May 28 (4PM – 5PM EDT)
Repeats on Thursday, May 30 (4PM – 5PM EDT)

Join our professors and current students in Civil Engineering for an engaging talk and Q&A session.
Discover program highlights and learn how this program prepares students for impactful careers in the field.


Thursday, May 30 (5PM – 6PM EDT)

Excited to learn more about Digital Media?
Discover how this program equips students with the skills to create interactive digital objects, animations, 3D modelling, and more!
*We also highly encourage you to join this session if you’ve received an alternate offer for Digital Media!

All our sessions will be run using the Zoom platform.
If this is your first time using Zoom, you’ll need to download Zoom to join the session.

Have a question related to a different topic?

We will continue to offer new Spotlight Sessions throughout the year! We recommend bookmarking this page and checking regularly for updates. Alternatively, you can leave us a message below.

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