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11th Mercier Seminar Poster with photo of Jimmy Chan

11th Mercier Seminar with Jimmy Chan

Metaverse, NFTs and the Future of Humanity
Jimmy Chan was the co-founder and CEO of Odyssey3D, a #1 virtual real estate company in Canada. His experience in the real estate industry is the bridge between virtual land and real land, creating a metaverse in the game. He’s founded the Oly Sport that is designed to unite humanity under a common thread in order to work together to solve the challenges that lie ahead. With Oly Sport’s Metaverse, Jimmy plans to unify the global financial and real estate markets within a metaverse where gamers can “race-to-earn” for a living, without ever having to get another job.

**Please note this event was originally scheduled for February 17, and has been postponed to February 24**



Feb 24 2022


8:00 PM - 9:00 PM