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Lassonde Capstone Day showcases innovative projects by undergraduate students

On April 29, 2022, fourth-year engineering students at Lassonde showcased their capstone projects at Lassonde Capstone Day. Capstone Day is the culminating exhibition event following a year of hard work, during which students participating in ENG 4000 and CIVL 4000 present their final projects to panels of external judges and the Lassonde community.

A capstone course is a final-year course that consolidates everything a student has learned in their major during their undergraduate studies and generally involves a project that draws on those same skills and knowledge they have already gained, while also acquiring new skills and knowledge in the process.

Projects in the 2021-2022 academic year include:

  • An online video conferencing platform
  • Retrofitting Toronto’s Island Water Treatment Plant
  • A Low-Cost THC Quantification in Oral Fluids
  • A Robotic Arm for Automated Cancer Drug Discovery 
  • A Queen’s Quay Extension and Quayside Development

During Lassonde Capstone Day, each team shared a one-minute highlight video of their project and took part in a panel discussion where they elaborated on their team journey to design and manufacture their projects as well as the roadblocks they faced and how they addressed them as a team to arrive at their final iteration. Students also shared personal reflections on their individual capstone journey, which focused on key learnings and takeaways from their capstone experience.

capstone group
“VenU: Virtual Event Platform” – Team J
capstone project

2022 Capstone Awards

ENG 4000 Capstone Prize:

The ENG 4000 Capstone Prize is awarded to the project with the greatest potential to positively impact human well-being with maximum and immediate benefit.

Winning Project: “Low-Cost Device for Detection and Quantification of THC in Oral Fluid” – Team X

Team Members: Sergio Anacleto, Daphne-Eleni Archonta, Derek Hayden, Nour Khalil, Antonia Pennella, Shadan Qureshi and Alexandre Segun

PEO Award:

The PEO Award is awarded to the project that created, developed, and promoted a product with the greatest commercial potential.

Winning Project: “VenU: Virtual Event Platform” – Team J

Team Members: Amer Alshoghri, Matthew Grech, Julia Paglia, Arsh Punia, Daniel Santaguida, Shawn Verma and Ziqi Zhou

GeoSolv Innovation & Sustainability Award:

The GeoSolv Innovation & Sustainability Award is awarded to the capstone project with the most innovative and sustainable design solutions in the Civil Capstone Design course (CIVL 4000).

Winning Project: “Hwy 150 Corridor Improvement Plan” – Team 8

Team Members: Won Jeoung, Ariel Yerushalmi, Zhuowen Li, Mohammadian Seyed, Bilqees Yousuf, Vanessa Umutoni and Vinay Verma

CSCE – National Capstone Design Competition Team:

The winning team is nominated to represent York University at the capstone design competition during the Annual CSCE Conference in Whistler, BC.

Winning Project: “Backyard Conversion at a Ravine Lot” – Team 11

Team Members: Omar Abdulla, Esteban Flores, Afham Malik, Peter Rim, Farid Seyidov and Wentao Wang

B.E.S.T. Technology Impact Award (YCN Award):

The BEST Technology Impact Award is awarded to the team whose project demonstrates exceptional innovation, impact in addressing an important societal issue and the likelihood of the project being implemented.

Winning Project:  “VenU: Virtual Event Platform” – Team J

Team Members: Amer Alshoghri, Matthew Grech, Julia Paglia, Arsh Punia, Daniel Santaguida, Shawn Verma and Ziqi Zhou

Sustainable Development Goals Award (YCN Award):

The Sustainable Development Goals Award is presented to the team whose project demonstrates an exceptional commitment to advancing the UN SDGs in keeping with York University’s SDG Challenge as outlined in the current University Academic Plan.

Honourable Mention: “Rover Soil Sampler”- Team S

Team Members: Shyamaln Anandan, Kevin Michael Dabrowski, Jason Gartner, Jamie Isen, Perushan Kunalakantha, Mubeen Padaniya, Sparsh Sai Poosarla

Those who were unable to attend can view the ENG 4000 event recording, CIVL 4000 event recording, and York Capstone Network Awards Ceremony.