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Lassonde civil engineers take top spot in first-ever national competition

A group of Lassonde civil engineering students took on the national Troitsky Bridge Building Competition earlier this March.

It’s an annual competition where engineering students design and build model bridges out of popsicle sticks, toothpicks, white glue and dental floss. The competition tests the participants’ design and engineering skills.

This was the first time a team from York University participated in any civil engineering competition.

Though Lassonde’s Civil Engineering program is new, its students are already taking top prizes.

The competition took place at Concordia University in Montreal and the Lassonde team placed 11th out of 47 teams nationwide.

The bridge built by Lassonde students was able to support 679kg of weight.

The team from Lassonde included two space engineering students (Konrad Kaczor and Jacob Samson) and two civil engineering students (Stevie Kloutsouniotis and Dania Al-Adhami).

“This was a great way to showcase out Civil Engineering program, test our skills and represent Lassonde on a national level.

Next year  our goal is to send two more teams, make sure they are gender balanced and win first place, of course,”

– Dania Al-Adhami on the group’s aspirations for next year’s competition


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