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Lassonde featured in The Globe and Mail

The Lassonde School of Engineering was featured today in the Report on Business section of The Globe and Mail.

Founding Dean Janusz Kozinski is interviewed about the creation of the Lassonde School of Engineering and the impact of the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence, the School’s new home.

“Students in York University’s engineering program might be forgiven for thinking they’ve walked into a brash young startup or a Silicon Valley technology company rather than a stodgy school campus when they begin classes this month.

“Wood floors, primary colours, whiteboards everywhere and not a single lecture hall – the new Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence packs all the hallmarks of a Google or Facebook operation, and purposely so,” says the article in Monday’s edition of the Globe and Mail (page 3 of the Report on Business section).

To read the rest of the article York University revamps engineering school to look like a startup please go to The Globe and Mail website.


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