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Lassonde graduate student wins best paper for scientific merit in Geodesy

Lassonde graduate student Athina Peidou received the best student paper award in Geodesy for scientific merit (refereed paper) and outstanding oral presentation. The paper was entitled GRACE-FO in differential mode and was presented at the at the Annual Canadian Geophysical Union 2018 meeting held in Niagara Falls Ontario in June 2018.

Athina is a PhD student in Earth and Space Science under the supervision of Professor Spiros Pagiatakis. Athina Peidou and Professor Pagiatakis introduced a new technique for processing GRACE Follow-on Space Mission measurements. The innovative technique expands the spectrum of applications in geophysics by estimating gravitational gradients induced by geophysical active regions; an unprecedented possibility that is well outside the mission’s design concept and with potentially major implications and discoveries in geosciences.


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