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Lassonde Professor John Lam receives CFI funding for sustainable energy research

On Monday, March 14 the Canadian federal government announced $23 million in funding for 95 projects at 26 universities across Canada.

Lassonde Professor John Lam in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science received $70,000 as part of the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s (CFI) John R. Evans Leaders Fund. This fund is designed to help universities attract and retain the best and brightest researchers from around the world.

Dr. Lam’s research focuses on developing highly efficient and cost-effective power converter solutions that will provide Canadians with clean and affordable energy by significantly decreasing the cost-per-watt of wind and solar power. 

Lassonde’s PELSER research laboratory allows experimental prototyping and testing equipment that is necessary to further develop and verify the practicality and feasibility of the developed research ideas, build functional proof-of-concept prototypes and perform in-depth experimental verification.

“I am delighted that the Canadian Foundation for Innovation recognizes and supports the power electronics research activities at the Lassonde School of Engineering at York.  This funding provides a great opportunity to conduct research for sustainable energy application,” said Professor John Lam.


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