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Lassonde Professor Part of IMAX 50th Anniversary Research Project

Most cinemagoers who have marvelled at the grandiose screen size and quality or had their skin tingle from the perfectly pitched and crystal-clear audio at an IMAX theatre aren’t aware that this ground-breaking cinematography experience is actually part of Canadian history. With the first permanent IMAX projection system installed in Toronto’s iconic Ontario Place, the IMAX is in fact a Canadian invention.

Now after having over 1,500 IMAX screens running in more than 80 countries, York University is leading creative research and exhibition-based film project showcasing the history of the Canadian theatre company.

Lassonde Professor and virtual reality 3D-vision expert, Rob Allison, is supervising Cinema and Media Studies PhD Candidate, Jessica Mulvogue’s research behind XL: Outer Worlds, the original five-film project celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Canadian invention, IMAX.

Read the full story in the York University Magazine.


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