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Lassonde professor’s “space elevator” attracts global attention

Lassonde Professor Ben Quine’s company Thoth Technology has been developing innovative solutions since 2007, working on a “space elevator” design that would allow rockets to launch into space with greater ease.

Thoth Technology has recently received a U.S. patent for its invention of a 20 kilometre high elevator that would reach low Earth orbit.

Ben Quine is an associate professor in Space Engineering at Lassonde and Chief Technology Officer for the Pembroke-based company. He has even built a seven-metre-high model that has been showcased at the Lassonde.

The elevator is to be made of stacked rings of Kevlar cells and will be inflated with hydrogen or helium. The elevator could be used to carry spacecraft and sattelites but has implications for tourism as well.

The news of Thoth Technology’s patent was featured in numerous media outlets across the world. Some of the highlights are linked below:

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