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Lassonde researcher develops a new measurement tool

Lassonde researcher Professor Sushanta Mitra has developed a new technique for measuring the process of liquid drops spreading on any surface.

Developed in Micro & Nano-scale Transport (MNT) at Lassonde, the experimentation tool was built with an optical path using specialized microscopic lenses.

It captures the bottom view and side view of a spreading drop. It enabled researchers to observe the initial stages of a drop spreading on any surface inside a glass container filled with water.

Traditional drop spreading experiments are conducted in air and there needs to be a few nanometer resolutions to accurately characterize the initial stage of the process.

That is below the physical limit of current optical systems used in experiments.

To read more about the research, click here.

The research has been published as a feature cover story in the journal for fundamental interface science Langmuir.


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