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Lassonde researchers develop accessible water purification system

Treating water for E.coli bacteria may be changed forever with a new portable and inexpensive method discovered by researchers at Lassonde.

Previously known for finding a new way to detect E.coli, the group lead by Professor Sushanta Mitra has invented the DipTreat, a porous paper strip that kills the E.coli bacteria in the water.

While current water treatment systems use silver nanoparticles and clays to purify water, the DipTreat uses porous paper to trap the bacterial cells and then an antimicrobial agent to kill them.

Because the killing agent is extracted from naturally found moringa seeds, this solution has minimal impacts on the users’ health and on the environment. 

Right now, it is only suitable for small quantities of water – for example, a hiker can use the DipTreat to purify their glass of water before drinking it. However, the new approach promises to have far-reaching benefits as the global importance of water purification systems only increases.

Professor Mitra has been invited by UNICEF and will showcase his team’s work at a stakeholder meeting on November 22. 

To read more about this research click here.


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