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Lassonde researchers receive $1.37m in Discovery Grants

Among the $5.6 million awarded by the Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) to York University, Lassonde researchers have received $1.37 million.

“Lassonde researchers are finding solutions to the challenges that we will be facing in the next 100 years, and this support is crucial to ensure they can explore the widest range of possibilities,” said Founding Dean Janusz Kozinski.

The Discovery Grants Program supports ongoing programs of research in every scientific and engineering discipline. York researchers were also awarded funding in the Research Tools & Instruments Competition. The funding enhances the discovery, innovation and training capability of university researchers in the natural sciences and engineering by supporting the purchase of research equipment and installations.

In the Discovery Grants Competition, the funding was granted to researchers working on a wide range of topics, including:

  • The Analysis of Planetary Surfaces (Mike Daly)
  • Motor and Sensory Optimization of Mobile User Interfaces (Scott MacKenzie)
  • Protection of the Next Generation of Power Distribution Systems (Ali Hooshyar)
  • Theory and practice of molecular communication (Andrew Eckford)
  • Context-Driven Salience for Querying and Visualizing Immersive 3D Content  (Matthew Kyan)
  • Examining the Interactions and Dependencies between Active Vision and Reasoning (John Tsostos)
  • Innovative Techniques of using Marginal Lands for Civil Infrastructure Development (Jit Sharma)
  • Seismic and Service Life Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Structures and Novel Cementitious Materials Application for Durable and Resilient Construction (Stavroula Pantazopoulou)
  • Sensing and perception for autonomous agents (Michael Jenkin)

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