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Lassonde welcomes all-female Afghan robotics team

Lassonde and FIRST Robotics Canada are pleased to welcome the renowned all-girls robotics team, from Afghanistan to Canada for this weekend’s FIRST Robotics Canada Competiton.

The group recently captured international headlines after they were briefly denied visas into the United States, to take part in the FIRST Global Challenge. It was only until one week before the event that the girls were granted entry into the United States and were able to compete.

This year, the all-girls robotics team has chosen to participate in Canada, at the FIRST Robotics Canada Competition. Hosted by York University and the Lassonde School of Engineering, the competition will be held March 24 through 25, 2018.

FIRST Robotics Canada and the Lassonde School of Engineering both value equity, diversity, and inclusion. We are delighted to welcome this prominent all-girls robotics team to Canada and to continue our support for many student learning opportunities. 

Learn more about the event.


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