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Lassonde’s BEST Certificate Program Recognizes 2024 Graduates

The Lassonde School of Engineering’s BEST (Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology) program at York University recently celebrated the graduation of its sixth cohort. This unique certificate program combines multidisciplinary courses from Lassonde, Schulich School of Business, and Osgoode Hall Law School,  providing a comprehensive education that integrates engineering, business and law. Feedback from the 2024 graduates underscores the impact of the BEST Certificate on their personal and professional development. The courses have helped enhance their entrepreneurial mindset, improved critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills, and equipped them with versatile technical, business and legal knowledge.

Graduates also reported that the program boosted their interpersonal skills and teamwork capabilities by challenging them to step out of their comfort zones. Additionally, the curriculum has helped prepare them for leadership roles, empowering them to effectively manage diverse teams. The collaborative nature of the coursework also expanded their professional networks, providing valuable connections and insights for future careers in a variety of fields.

Graduates shared their experiences, explaining how the BEST Certificate has shaped their academic and career trajectory:

“When I entered university, I always wanted to gain business experience alongside my engineering degree but did not know if it would be possible. The BEST Certificate allowed me to take courses in Schulich and Osgoode, further contributing to my personal and professional growth. These courses enhanced my analytical and critical thinking skills, which I will demonstrate in my professional career. As a result, I would recommend the BEST Certificate to other students, especially those interested in entrepreneurship and personal growth.” – Andrew Lombardi, Space Engineering

“Since completing all the BEST Certificate courses, I have embarked on a startup journey of my own called Nobl Kids, which is offering a comprehensive class management suite for children’s extracurricular activities. The courses gave me a good understanding of the startup and business world on which I could further build. All BEST Certificate courses have provided me with necessary connections and enlarged my network to help my startup grow.” – Huseyn Akhudov, Honours Computer Science

“The courses helped with skill development and personal growth as they were ones that required us to work with multiple different disciplines. They specifically pushed us outside the small group of students who share the same major. It also displayed how each discipline interfaces with one another in the real world.” – Michelle Lee, Space Engineering

“The BEST Certificate has provided me with a comprehensive interdisciplinary education with the integration of business, law, and engineering that helped me cultivate a well-rounded skill set, vital for success in innovation-driven industries. The networking opportunities, hands-on projects, and mentorship further enriched my learning experience, preparing me for significant contributions in my career and entrepreneurial endeavours.” – Marina Messiha, Civil Engineering

“The courses in technology entrepreneurship have significantly helped with my professional development because of the leadership skills taught and integrated into the program. I have been told by supervisors at NASA that they really like the BEST program at Lassonde, after I explained to them how my School weaves technology entrepreneurship into the curriculum.” – Rehan Rashid, Mechanical Engineering 

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