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Lassonde’s John Moores in Globe & Mail

Lassonde’s John Moores, assistant professor of space engineering, is interviewed in a great story in the Globe & Mail this week about the search for water and life on Mars.

It’s a tremendous example of Lassonde community members such as Dr. Moores helping to change the way we see our world and in this case the way we see the world beyond our own planet!

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Water was all around when John Moores was growing up in Newfoundland. It was part of the scenery and part of his identity. These days, water is still a big part of his life. The difference is that Dr. Moores now spends much of his time thinking about water that is millions of kilometres from home.

An assistant professor of space engineering at York University, Dr. Moores is a participating scientist with the Mars Science Laboratory, the $2.5-billion (U.S.) project that deposited NASA’s Curiosity rover into a Martian crater last summer and is yielding new insights into what once transpired there.

“Water is a big part of it,” Dr. Moores said in an interview with The Globe and Mail. “We really want to understand what the water story of Mars is: how it changed from being a warm and wet planet in the past to being the arid planet it is today, and whether or not it periodically comes back to life.”

You can read the whole article on the Globe & Mail website.


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