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Prof Ghafar-Zadeh’s research leads Canada in ozone-measurement tools

Dr. Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh is collaborating with industry partners to enhance environment and climate change studies.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor Ghafar-Zadeh is using NSERC‘s Engage Grant to improve the accuracy of ozone concentration measurement.

Ozone is a key trace gas in atmosphere. The accurate measurement of ozone gas’s concentration is crucial for environment and climate change studies.

An ozonesonde system is a measurement tool carried by a balloon to altitudes of 35km through the atmosphere. 

The original ozone-sensor technology suffers from high power consumption that affects how much data it can collect. The proposed technology will increase the performance of ozonesonde using microfluidics. 

Dr. Ghafar-Zadeh has collaborated with Felix Technology Inc. to begin to meet this need with developing an alternative – a microfluidic based, low-power consumption technique for reading out the ozone concentrations in an extended period.

His research will put a Canadian company of the world stage as a leader of this technology.


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