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Professor Jinjun Shan elected a 2021 Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada

Professor Jinjun Shan (Earth and Space Science and Engineering) has been elected a 2021 Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada in recognition of his excellence in engineering and his service to the profession and to society.

Professor Shan is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Dynamics Control and Navigation focusing on advancing the fundamental knowledge and engineering applications of autonomous systems, multi-agent systems and space instrumentation. His technology has been flown on several national and international space missions, including the Canadian Near-Earth Object Surveillance Satellite (NEOSSat), PCW/Phemos, Hongyun-1 and Yaogan-1.  His patented technology has also been flown on stratospheric balloons to record atmospheric observations key to identifying climate change.

He recently created the CFI-funded York Research Facility for Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles, infrastructure aiming to advance key technologies in navigation and control system design. He was also the recipient of a $1.4M Grant from the Department of National Defence’s Innovation for Deference Excellence and Security Program (IDEaS).

Dr. Shan is a Professor of Space Engineering and the current Chair of the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering. He is also an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a Senior Member of the IEEE, a professional engineer in Ontario, and was previously honoured with the Alexander von Humboldt Research and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowships.