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Professor Marin Litoiu inducted as a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering

Marin Litoiu, Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science within the Lassonde School of Engineering and the School of Information Technology within the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (LAPS) at York University, has been inducted as a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering. The Canadian Academy of Engineering is a founding member of the Council of Canadian Academies, along with the Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.

Newly elected Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Engineering were inducted virtually on June 14, during the Academy’s 2021 Annual General Meeting. Professor Litoiu joins exclusive and prestigious company with this honour. He was recognized for his outstanding achievements and service to the engineering profession in Canada and around the world.

Marin Litoiu
Professor Marin Litoiu

Dr. Litoiu is the leader of the Centre for Research in Adaptive Software which focuses on the development of adaptive and self-managing systems. He is considered one of the pioneers of the field of self-adaptive software (SAS) and is the co-founder of the flagship conference in the field, “ACM/IEEE Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-managing Software.” SAS is software that actively modifies its own behaviour and structure as conditions or user requirements change.

As an academic, Dr. Litoiu research has been incredibly influential. His pioneering contributions to the design, architecture and implementation of self-managing software systems have been adopted widely by both public and private sectors. He published more than 200 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers, with one receiving more than 2,000 citations. He has received two Most Influential Paper Awards, three Best Paper Awards and was recently honoured as the 2020 IBM Faculty Fellow of the Year.

With strong ties to the software industry, Professor Litoiu has been recognized with the “IBM Outstanding Achievement Award” for top innovators and the “Leo Derikx NSERC Synergy Award for Innovation”, together with IBM Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS). He patented 11 different technologies and systems with industrial partners, which is a testament to his devotion and influence on the software industry. He also founded a burgeoning start-up company in 2016, Bitnobi Inc., which is based around technology transfer and was ranked in the top 20 cybersecurity innovators for 2019 by Technology Innovators.

Dr. Litoiu has been an outstanding champion of industry-university collaboration, having fostered collaboration as an industry leader and continues to do so from his current academic position. Litoiu has secured more than $16M in external research funding, including a recent $1.65M Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) CREATE grant to start the Dependable Internet-of-Things (IoT) Applications (DITA) program at York University.

As a research leader and visionary entrepreneur, Dr. Litoiu has made exceptional contributions to advancing the research and practice of software engineering in Canada. As a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, he will contribute to the mission of the Academy, providing leadership in engineering, as well as social responsibility in step with the evolving needs of our society. We wish Professor Marin Litoiu the best, looking forward to his continued successes.