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Professor Pouya Rezai’s research to make milk safer

A device to improve milk safety and quality is being developed by Lassonde researchers.

Professor Pouya Rezai from the Department of Mechanical Engineering has received funding from NSERC and OCE to partner with Dairy Quality Inc on a project that aims to develop a portable biosensor for the detection of microbial pathogens in milk and dairy products.

The academic and industrial team aim to bring this technology to market in 2018.

The biosensor will be able to separate different phases of a high-volume milk sample in order to enhance the sensitivity of the detection process. 

It will also be simple enough to be used by the farmers to evaluate the quality of their raw milk samples. 

“With this technology, an off-site process that currently takes 3-4 days can be performed on a farm in a few hours,” says Prof. Rezai

This technology will bring down the cost of detection significantly and allow the farms to take corrective actions immediately to save their products and animals. 


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