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Based on the NSERC and SSHRC announcement below Research Accounting has put some practices in place:

“NSERC and SSHRC recognize that agency-funded research activities may be delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Academic institutions can immediately approve extension requests up to 12 months for Agency grants with an end date between February 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021 inclusively. This provision applies to all grants, regardless of whether they have received a previous time extension of any length for any reason (including, where applicable, automatic extensions). 
This will have no impact for applications awarded in the fall 2020 competitions. The intent of this provision is to allow grantees to continue spending grant funds, and institutions to delay the processing of residual grant funds (per the NSERC/SSHRC Guidelines for the General Research Fund).”

Automatic Extensions
Research Accounting is now extending NSERC and SSHRC grants for an additional 12 months for those awards ending between Feb 1, 2020 and March 31, 2020. This task should be completed by early next week. At a later point we will extend those awards that end between April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 as applicable.
Researchers are not required to complete the grant amendment form, nor do they need to contact the agencies directly to request approval for the end date extensions.
The agencies will let Research Accounting know how we should communicate the extensions to them.
We have not heard from CIHR yet regarding extensions.
NSERC and SSHRC Sub-Grants
If a York researcher has a Tri-Council sub-grant from another institution, then they have to contact their colleague who holds the grant to request an extension and ORS needs to be notified of the extension by the grant holder’s institution. ORS will then inform Research Accounting so that the end date on the cost centre can be extended accordingly.
For York researchers who have sent Tri-Council sub-grants out to their colleagues and who wish to provide extensions, please contact ORS to request that an extension be provided. This is needed because Tri-council policy requires that grant holders must authorize all terms of sub-grants and ORS cannot assume that the grant holder needs or wants to provide an extension. Please contact Rebecca Wilson or Joan Broussard regarding Tri-Council sub-grants.

Extension Cost Centres
For those PIs that already have an extension cost centre (i.e., the Tri-Council grant expired and York provided an extension), the 12-month extension will also apply and Research Accounting will extend the cost centres accordingly.

Non-Tri Council Grants and Contracts
For non-Tri-Council grants and contracts, please reach out to Paulina Karwowska-Desaulniers, who will coordinate with the Innovation York Agreements team who will contact funders to request extensions. 

Research Employee Payments
Visit this link regarding ongoing payment to research employees.  Click on  ”Other Exceptional expenditures”

You can email with any questions