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Salvatore Paneduro appointed Accreditation Strategist

Salvatore Paneduro has been appointed to a new role as Lassonde’s Accreditation Strategist.
Over the course of the last two years, he has laid the roadmap for Lassonde programs to prepare for the new CEAB & CIPS Accreditation exercises and upcoming Quality Assurance reviews.

In his new role, Sal will work closely with the Vice-Dean and Associate/Assistant Deans, the Faculty Accreditation Leads, Departmental Chairs, and Education Development team, to provide leadership, program development, strategic direction and critical policy frameworks to the program evaluation and quality assurance processes.
For more than a decade Sal has worked in a variety of roles in post-secondary education, both within academia and as a Senior Policy Analyst with the Council of Ontario Universities.
In his previous roles at York University, as Accreditation and Quality Assurance Officer at Lassonde, and as Research Officer, Graduate Funding Officer, and Academic Affairs Administrator in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, he has acquired first-hand knowledge in the complexities and requirements of academic governance and review processes.


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