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Software Engineering student, Allen Kaplan, named 2022 Bergeron Medal Recipient

Each year, a top graduating student from the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University is awarded the Bergeron Medal by the Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (BEST) program. The award is presented to a student who demonstrated outstanding entrepreneurial achievement throughout their time at the School.

The 2022 recipient of the Bergeron Medal is Software Engineering graduating student, Allen Kaplan, who has been involved in entrepreneurial activities throughout his time at Lassonde. Kaplan completed the BEST Certificate and BEST International Entrepreneurship course (York-Technion) and acted as a mentor to undergraduate and high school students at various BEST experiential activities including UNHack and BEST Startup Experience. Kaplan also led various activities, including the Lassonde Engineering Society and WeekZero.

“Through my degree, BEST has been a consistent source of growth and community, providing workshops, mentorship, and leadership opportunities,” said Kaplan. “By studying engineering and computer science I learned how best to solve a problem within the given parameters, but in real life, the parameters are never clear – that is where BEST came in and empowered me to ‘wear multiple hats’, as required in a startup environment,” he added. “BEST provided a place for growth that allowed me to go from a first-year engineering student to a full-blown entrepreneur with my own venture. No matter where my future goes, the lessons and community that BEST provided me with, will stay with me forever.”

In 2020, Kaplan represented Lassonde and York University at the Global Engineering and Commerce Competition (ENGCOMM), winning first place with his team. He also led a team of seven engineering students for a Capstone project that now has turned into a startup (Radar) in the BEST Lab.