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Congratulations on your offer of admission!

Celebrate by moving you to the next level. Your Lassonde journey starts now.

How to Prepare

It is essential that you create a Passport York (PPY) account so that you can enrol in courses. You will use this account to access all online services at York University. In addition to creating your Passport York account, you will be prompted to set-up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
ALEKS is a Math Preparation Software designed to help you review your knowledge of elementary trigonometry and algebra, to identify any gaps, and help you to address those gaps so that you will be better prepared for your upcoming math courses.

Using your Passport York username and password, login and complete the ALEKS Math Background Preparation Learning Module for Lassonde students.

Did you know? Data shows that students who complete the ALEKS modules earn, on average, 2 grade points higher in their first year calculus courses compared to students who chose not to complete the ALEKS modules.
If you had accommodations at your previous institution (high school, college or university), register with Student Accessibility Services today for your accommodations at York University. You can sign up after accepting your offer of Admission. Registration with Student Accessibility Services will not be identified on official records, academic transcripts, or graduation documentation.
In preparation for your appointment the Advising Team NEEDS to know your preferred engineering program. Please let us know your top preference (i.e., Computer, Software, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, or Space).
Without this information our team will not be able to issue your timetable on the date of your appointment. This could lead to a delay in you enrolling in courses for Fall/Winter 2023-2024.

Confirm your Engineering Preference Now

What to Expect

On the day of your appointment – You will receive a customized enrolment package via email. You do not have to attend a physical appointment in order to enrol in your courses.

We recommend that you set aside some time (2 hours) to review all the material. You will be guided through a series of videos called e-tutorials to learn more about Lassonde, how to enrol in courses and actions you can take to prepare for the start of the term. You will be able to enrol in your courses at your own pace the day of your appointment.
After your appointment, it is natural to be curious and have questions. Write down your questions, review the e-tutorials to seek your answers.

We will be inviting you to a conference where you can ask your questions. The conference will be offered in-person for those that are local and virtual for those that are unable to join us on campus. Bring your remaining questions with you to the conference.

Last, but not least

Keep up the hard work! If you’ve chosen to attend the Lassonde School of Engineering, remember to accept your offer of admission and satisfy all of your admission conditions. If you have not already done so, accept your offer online via your MyFile account. You can review any admission conditions in your original offer of admission letter.

If you have any questions or concerns about your admission conditions, connect with Lassonde Admissions.
If you have not added us to your contact list do so now so that our e-mails do not end up in your junk or spam filters. Add the following:

To ensure you do not miss important communications from the University, regularly check your junk and spam filters just to be safe!
We also want to ensure we have your most up to date contact information as well so that we may reach you! You can update your contact details via the Current Student Personal Information portal. However, if you would like to change your address you do it after you receive your enrolment package.

The e-mail address listed in your Current Student Personal Information portal is the e-mail address we will use to send you your enrolment package.
If you have a questions email