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Congratulations on your offer of admission!

You have worked so hard. Let’s celebrate by moving you to the next level. Your Lassonde journey starts now.

How to Prepare

It is essential that you create a Passport York (PPY) account so that you can enrol in courses. You will use this account to access all online services at York University. In addition to creating your Passport York account, you will be prompted to set-up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
Using your Passport York username and password, login and complete the ALEKS Math Background Preparation Learning Module for Lassonde students.

ALEKS is designed to help you review your knowledge of elementary trigonometry and algebra, to identify any gaps, and help you to address those gaps so that you will be better prepared for your upcoming math courses.

Proceed to the link below. The link will take you to “eClass” which is the platform you will be using for many of your classes.
Math Background Preparation – Lassonde (enrolment key: “yorkmath”)
If you had accommodations at your previous institution (high school, college or university), register with Student Accessibility Services today for your accommodations at York University. You can sign up after accepting your offer of Admission. Registration with Student Accessibility Services will not be identified on official records, academic transcripts, or graduation documentation.
Download and set-up Zoom Conference Call. You will need this if you intend to participate in the Thursday “Ask Lassonde” session. If you live in an area where Zoom cannot be accessed, let us know.
If you were offered admission to the Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) program, let us know your Engineering major preference. We need you to fill out this form now, before your appointment, so that we can provide you with a timetable in your enrolment package.

If you are a Bachelor of Arts (BA, iBA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc, iBSc) student, you can ignore this step.

What to Expect

Simply check your e-mail! You are not required to be anywhere, online or in-person, on the date and time of your appointment.

We will e-mail you an enrolment package. The package will include the information you need to enrol into your courses, learn more about Lassonde, and prepare for the start of classes. Your enrolment package will guide you through the process from start to finish!

You can enrol in courses as soon as you receive your enrolment package via e-mail.
Get your questions ready. Now is the time to ask them! If you have any questions after receiving your enrolment package and enrolling in courses, join us for a live online and interactive “Ask Lassonde” session via Zoom. When is your “Ask Lassonde” session? The day after your appointment at:
9am to 11am: Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) students
1pm to 3pm: Bachelor of Arts (BA, iBA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc, iBSc) students

The “Ask Lassonde” session is online via Zoom. This is not an in-person session. Your enrolment package will include your Zoom link invitation.

All times are EDT (Toronto, ON, Canada).
After your appointment, you will continue to receive communications from our Academic Advising and Student Engagement teams throughout the Summer. We want to get to know you and provide you with the support you need to be excited about September. Students will be invited to future in-person and online events including:

Meet and Greets with the Academic Advising and Student Engagement Teams
Enrolment Troubleshooting Workshops
Academic and Social Orientation

We will send you invitations via e-mail throughout the Summer, so monitor your inbox. Your enrolment appointment is just the first connection point. We’re here to support you all year round, every year, from first year through to graduation and beyond!

Last, but not least

Keep up the hard work! If you’ve chosen to attend the Lassonde School of Engineering, remember to accept your offer of admission and satisfy all of your admission conditions. If you have not already done so, accept your offer online via your MyFile account. You can review any admission conditions in your original offer of admission letter.

If you have any questions or concerns about your admission conditions, connect with Lassonde Admissions.
Many of our e-mail addresses end with “@lassonde.yorku.ca”. Add our contact information to your address book so that our e-mails don’t end up in your junk or spam filters. Add the following to your address book:


To ensure you do not miss important communications from the University, regularly check your junk and spam filters just to be safe!
We also want to ensure we have your most up to date contact information as well so that we may reach you! You can update your contact details via the Current Student Personal Information portal.

The e-mail address listed in your Current Student Personal Information portal is the e-mail address we will use to send you your enrolment package.
After you receive your enrolment package and enrol in courses (Wednesday), bring your questions to the live online “Ask Lassonde” Zoom session (Thursday). Our team of Academic Advisors and Student Leaders will make sure you have the information you need to move forward.
If you need assistance at any other time, there are lots of other ways to connect with our Student Welcome and Support Centre.