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Welcome to Week Zero – Lassonde’s Orientation Week

Congratulation on accepting your offer and welcome to the Lassonde Community!

Week Zero is a 11 day jam-packed week filled with fun and interactive activities to help transition incoming students into a new chapter of their lives. It is also our way to welcome students to our vibrant Lassonde Community and their home for the next 4 (or more) years.

Events like the Car Smash, Purpling Party, Meet Your Professors, Beach Day, Glendon Carnival, and more will provide students the opportunity to get to know their campus, their peers and prepare for their first year at University. It is a wonderful experience for all new students to share, where they make friends, bonds, connections and memories they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.

Lassonde’s social orientation, WeekZero, runs from Saturday, August 27 to Tuesday, September, September 6.

WeekZero 2022 – Buy your Frosh Ticket ASAP!

WeekZero 2022 tickets are nearly sold out! Make sure to secure your ticket to receive awesome Lassonde swag & participate in orientation week events, both online and in-person!

You can purchase an in-person or virtual ticket here:

For any announcements or updates follow us on Instagram: @lassondeweekzero

While Week Zero is an optional week (but highly encouraged), an important aspect of this week is the York Orientation Day a.k.a. Lassonde’s Academic Orientation Day.  York Orientation Day is an important event for all new Lassonde undergraduate students. On this day, you will be introduced to strategies and resources to help you successfully adjust to the challenges of university life and get tips for success inside and outside the classroom. You will also meet the Dean and other key faculty and staff members from the Lassonde School of Engineering.