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Transforming the Way the World Works with Geomatics

GeoTalks Webinar Series: January 13, 2021 Stephanie Michaud

GeoTalks is a biweekly virtual seminar series organized by Geomatics Engineering at York University and the Canadian Institute of Geomatics – Toronto Branch. The series features industry leaders and entrepreneurs in geomatics as it explores geospatial science and engineering. 

On January 13, 2021, we welcomed Stephanie Michaud to speak at our GeoTalks webinar about her career journey and how geomatics is changing just about everything that we do.

In her talk, Michaud explored how geomatics is relevant to numerous practical applications and used her own career as an example for students looking to apply what they’re learning after they graduate from school.  

Geospatial systems that scan roadways to help keep truck drivers safe, identify plastics in water systems and help ensure precision and consistency in farming are just a few of the technologies that Michaud highlighted in her talk. She believes that geomatics is undergoing its own transformation as it innovates other industries.

A field that started with commercially available GPS has now grown to provide imaging and scanning technologies, productivity tools and more. The data collected with these technologies can improve efficiencies across many industries.

Michaud got her start as an engineer at Trimble before moving into development work and then marketing and strategy.

She discussed the benefits of learning programming languages, gaining experience in various roles throughout her career, as well as working across different industries, including agriculture or forensics.

Michaud talks of a bright future for the diverse field of geomatics and especially in a world where most people have a GPS-connected phone.

About Stephanie Michaud

Stephanie Michaud a Strategic Marketing Manager for the field software solutions segment of the Geospatial group at Trimble Inc. She is responsible for activities related to market research, business partnerships, product development and new product introduction spanning GIS and survey product portfolios.

During her nine-year tenure at Trimble, she has also held technical roles in the Land Administration and Agriculture groups. Michaud holds a degree in Geomatics Engineering from the University of Calgary and is a registered professional engineer.

Watch Michaud’s GeoTalks Webinar to learn more.