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Chen-Wei (Jackie) Wang

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream


Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


Jackie completed in 2006 his BA in Computer Science with Honours at York University, Canada. He then pursued a DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy) in Computer Science, with a specialization in Software Engineering, at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Jackie's doctoral thesis is on the ``Model-Driven Development of Information

After completing his doctorate in 2012, Jackie worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at both McMaster Centre for Software Certification and York University Software Engineering Laboratory. During his post-doctorate, Jackie's research was on the ORF-funded project "Certification of Safety-Critical Software-Intensive Systems", collaborating with Ontario Power Generations (OPG) and Systemware Innovation (SWI). Between September 2014 and August 2015, Jackie also worked as a part-time software engineering technologist in the department of EECS at Lassonde.

Between September 2015 and June 2017, Jackie joined the State University of New York (SUNY) Korea as a Research Assistant Professor, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses. Starting from July 2017, Jackie joined the department of EECS as an Assistant Lecturer, teaching courses and coordinating labs.

Research Interests

  • Automated Model-Based Verification of Object-Oriented Software
  • Model-Driven Engineering of Critical Information Systems
  • Precise Documentation and Formal Validation of Software Requirements
  • Using Model Checking to Verify Real-Time Systems
  • Using Theorem Proving to Verify Function Block Based Systems
  • Product-Based Software Certification