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Jarek Szlichta

Associate Professor


Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


Jarek Szlichta (aka Jaroslaw Szlichta) is an Associate Professor and a Research Enhanced Faculty in responsible data science and AI under the Connected Minds at York University. He is also a Research Faculty Fellow at IBM Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) and an Adjunct Professor at University of Waterloo. Prior to that he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Toronto and a Faculty at Ontario Tech University. He serves as the co-director of the Data & AI Lab. His research concerns various topics in data science with special interests in data-driven systems, graph data, large-scale machine learning, and responsible AI to obtain trustworthy insights from data. He is a recipient of the IBM CAS Faculty of the Year Award for tuning of the IBM Db2 system with machine learning and CeBIT computer expo Business Award for the work on the OCEAN GenRap analytic reporting tool. His research grants are from both government (NSERC, MITACS and SOSCIP) and industry (IBM and AT&T). He received the PhD degree from York University while he has spent a 3-year student fellowship at IBM CAS (with the IBM Research Student of the Year Award).

Research Interests

  • Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning,
  • Responsible Data Science and AI
  • Data-Driven Systems and Stream Processing
  • Web Search, Graph Data and Knowledgebases
  • Data Quality and Data Integration