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Jarek Szlichta

Associate Professor


Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


Jarek Szlichta (aka Jaroslaw Szlichta) is an Associate Professor at York University. He is also a Faculty Fellow at IBM Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) and an Adjunct Professor at University of Waterloo. Prior to that he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Toronto and an Associate Professor at Ontario Tech University. His research concerns various topics in data science with special interests in data management, large-scale data analysis, data systems, graph data, and machine learning to obtain trustworthy insights from data. He is a recipient of the CeBIT computer expo Business Award for the work on the OCEAN GenRap analytic reporting tool and the runner-up IBM Project of the Year Award for automatic tuning of the IBM Db2 system. His research grants are from both government (NSERC, MITACS and SOSCIP) and industry (IBM and AT&T). He received the PhD degree from York University while he has spent a 3-year student fellowship at IBM CAS (with the IBM Research Student of the Year Award).

Research Interests

  • Data Science, Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Data Management, Data Profiling and Data Cleaning
  • Data Systems Tuning and Distributed Computing
  • Web Search, Graph Search and Knowledge Graph Discovery