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Magdalena Krol

Associate Professor, P.Eng


Civil Engineering


Dr. Magdalena Krol is an associate professor at York University in the Lassonde School of Engineering. Her area of expertise is in environmental engineering, specializing in numerical modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport. Her research activities include simulation of subsurface gas movement at contaminated sites that are under thermal remediation, optimizing groundwater remediation technologies, modeling subsurface transport of nano-scale zero valent iron (nZVI) particles as well as microbially influenced corrosion of used nuclear fuel containers.

Dr. Krol completed her doctoral studies in Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto and holds a M.E.Sc. and a B.E.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Western Ontario (Western). Prior to her doctoral studies, she was a remediation engineer at a consulting company where she worked on a diverse set of remediation projects dealing with a wide range of contaminants. She is a licensed professional engineer in the province of Ontario.

Dr. Krol has received several distinguished awards, including the NSERC Post Doctorate Fellowship (PDF), which she undertook at Western Engineering examining nZVI transport through the subsurface. She is also the recipient of the American Geophysical Union (GSU) Outstanding Student Paper Award, NSERC Canadian Graduate Scholarship (CGS), Excellence in Teaching Award (Western) and the Chair’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies (U of T).

Research Interests

  • Contaminant transport modelling
  • Innovative groundwater remediation technologies
  • Microbially influenced corrosion of used nuclear fuel containers
  • Gas bubble movement in the subsurface
  • Green roof design
  • Nano-scale zero valent iron (nZVI) for groundwater remediation

Selected Publications

  • Roohi, I. and Krol, M. (2021), "Applicability of ground source heat pumps as a bioremediation-enhancing technology for monoaromatic hydrocarbon contaminants" Science of the Total Environment, in press
  • Molnar, I., Mumford, K., and Krol, M. (2019), “Electro-Thermal Subsurface Gas Generation and Transport: Model Validation and Implications”, In Press, Water Resources Research
  • Molnar, I., Pensini, E., Md Abdulla, Mitchell C., Nitsche, L., Pyrak-Nolte L., and Krol, M. (2019), “Colloid Transport in Porous Media: A Review of Classical Mechanics and Emerging Topics”. Transport in Porous Media, Special Issue, June, 1-28
  • Daemi, N. and Krol, M. (2019), “Impact of Building Thermal Load on the Developed Thermal Plumes of Multi-Borehole GSGP system in Different Canadian Climates”, Renewable Energy, 134, 550-557
  • Mondal, P., Furbacher, P., Cui, Z., Krol, M., and Sleep, B. “Transport of Polymer Stabilized Nano-scale Zero-Valent Iron in Porous Media”, in press, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 2017
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  • Chowdhury, A., Krol, M., Kocur, C., Boparai, H., Weber, K., Sleep, B., O'Carroll, D. "nZVI Injection into Variably Saturated Soils: Field and Modeling Study" Journal of Contaminant Hydrogeology, 183: 16-28, 2015
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  • Krol, M. M., Oleniuk, A. J., Kokur, C. M., Sleep, B. E., Bennett, P., Xiong, Z. and O'Carroll, D. M. "A Field-Validated Model for In Situ Transport of Polymer-Stabilized nZVI and Implications for Subsurface Injection” ES&T, 47(13), 2013
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  • Krol, M.M., Sleep, B.E. and Johnson, R.L. “Impact of Low Temperature Electrical Resistance Heating on Subsurface Flow and Transport”, Water Resources Research, 47(5), 2011
  • Krol, M.M., Mumford, K.G., Johnson, R.L. and Sleep, B.E. “Modeling discrete gas bubble formation and mobilization during subsurface heating of contaminated zones”, Advances in Water Resources, 34(4), 537-549, 2011

Recent Presentations

  • Md Abdullah Asad, Couillard, S., Molnar, I.L., Behazin, M., Keech, P.G., and Krol, M. (2020) “Modelling the Transport of Corrosive Species through Highly Compacted Bentonite Clay: Optimizing Boundary Conditions” AGU, December, Virtual Presentation
  • Asad,A., Couillard, S., Molnar, I.L., Behazin,, M., Keech, P.G., and Krol, M. (2020) “Modelling the Transport of Corrosive Species through Highly Compacted Bentonite Clay: Optimizing Boundary Conditions” GeoEnvironmental Division of CGS, Nov., Webinar
  • Patel, P., Krol, M., and S. Karimpour (2020) “Influence of surge wave on carrying capacity and transport of microplastic”, Proceedings of the 1st IAHR Young Professionals Congress, Nov. 17-18, Virtual
  • Asad A., Couillard S. Molnar, I., Behazin, M., Keech, P., and Krol, M (2020), “Transport of Corrosive Species through Highly Compacted Bentonite Clay: Model Development and Sensitivity Study”, COMSOL Conference, Oct 7-8, Virtual
  • Asad, A., Krol M., and Perras, M. (2020) “Statistical Quantification of Earthquake Effects on the Excavation Damage Zone” GeoVirtual Calgary, September, Virtual Presentation
  • Asad A., Molnar, I., Behazin, M., Keech, P., Mondal, P., and Krol, M (2019), “A Framework for Modelling the Transport of Corrosive Species Through an Engineered Barrier System”, Long-term Prediction of Corrosion Damage in Nuclear Waste Systems Workshop, N
  • Chowdhury, F., Babaee, Y., Behazin, M., Keech, P., Mondal, P., Sharma, J. and Krol, M (2019), “Diffusion of Hydrogen Sulphide through MX-80 Bentonite”, Long-term Prediction of Corrosion Damage in Nuclear Waste Systems Workshop, Nov 19-21, Nancy, France
  • Babaee, Y., and Krol, M (2019), “Effect of Temperature on Cadmium Sorption in Various Soils”, GeoStJohn, Canadian Geotechnical Society, October 1-4., St. John, Canada
  • Molnar, I., Krol, M., and Mumford, K. (2019), “ET-MIP: A Framework for Coupling and Validating Continuum-Discrete Models for Thermal Applications” I2T2 Symposium, June 5-6, Banff, Canada
  • Krol, M., Molnar, I., and Mumford, K. (2019), “ET-MIP: A Numerical Tool for In-Situ Thermal Remediation Applications” I2T2 Symposium, June 5-6, Banff, Canada
  • Md Abdullah, A., Khan, U. T., and Krol, M. (2018), “Factors Affecting nano Zero Valent Iron (nZVI) Travel Distance in Heterogeneous Groundwater Aquifers: a Statistical Modelling Approach”, AGU Conference, Dec 10-15, Washington D.C
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  • Briggs, S., McKelvie, J., and Krol, M. (2018), “Diffusive Transport Modelling of Corrosion Agents through the Engineered Barrier System in the Canadian Deep Geological Repository for Used Nuclear Fuel”, EGU Conference, April 9-15, Vienna