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Peter Taylor




Phone Number: 416-736-2100 x77707



Peter Taylor has been a Professor of Atmospheric Science at York University since 1988. He currently works most of his time with York but also with Zephyr North, a Burlington wind energy consultancy. Prior to 1988 he was a senior research scientist with Environment Canada and had taught Mathematics at University of Toronto and Physical Oceanography at the University of Southampton (UK). He is a Fellow of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society and was awarded the Patterson Distinguished Service Medal (for 1998) “For distinguished service to Meteorology in Canada”. He has been a member of the Editorial Board, Boundary-Layer Meteorology since 1971 and served as Co-Chief Editor from 1995-2010.

Peter works in a variety of atmospheric boundary layer studies using a range of numerical models, analyzing data and conducting field programs. Peter has a long standing interest in renewable energy research and way back in 1982/83 he led the Askervein hill study (on S. Uist, Scotland) which remains a widely used data set for testing models of flow over hills. Much of his current research is focused on marine fog, sound propagation in the atmospheric boundary layer and sub-seasonal weather forecasting

Other Information:
Directed the Educational Video, Wind Energy in Canada, available free on request ( as a DVD.

Research Interests

  • Boundary-Layer Meteorology
  • Weather
  • Climate

Selected Publications

  • Finnigan, J., Ayotte, K., Harman, I., Gabriel Katul, Holly Oldroyd, Edward Patton, Davide Poggi, Andrew Ross & Peter Taylor  Boundary-Layer Flow Over Complex Topography. Boundary-Layer Meteorol 177, 247–313 (2020).
  • Afsharian, Soudeh,  Taylor, Peter & Momayez, Ladan. (2020). Investigating the potential impact of wind farms on Lake Erie. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics. 198. 104049. 10.1016/ jweia.2019.104049.
  • Diar Hassan, George Isaac, Peter Taylor, Daniel Michelson and Norman Donaldson, 2020, A Note on ECCC Radar Snowfall Estimates and Radar Data, CMOS Bulletin SCMO, July 28, 2020.
  • Miller, S.J., Gordon, M., Staebler, R.M. and Taylor, P.A., 2019, A Study of the Spatial Variation of Vehicle-Induced Turbulence on Highways Using Measurements from a Mobile Platform Boundary-Layer Meteorol.171: 1-29.
  • Afsharian, S., & Taylor, P. A., 2019, On the potential impact of Lake Erie wind farms on water temperatures and mixed‐layer depths: Some preliminary 1‐D modeling using COHERENS. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 124.
  • Hassan D*, Taylor P, Isaac G. 2018. Solid Snowfall Rate Estimation Using a C-Band Radar, Meteorological Applications. First published: 23 Sept 2018,
  • Alexander L*, Sills D, Taylor P.,2018, Initiation of Convective Storms at Low-Level Mesoscale Boundaries in Southwestern Ontario. Weather and Forecasting, 33(4) 583-598.
  • Kai Melamed-Turkish, Peter A. Taylor, and John Liu. 2018. Upper Level Winds over Eastern North America – a Regional Jet Stream Climatology.  International Journal of Climatology. First published: 31 July 2018
  • Taylor P, Weng W., Wang, Z-Q, Corkum M, Malik K, Sharma S. and Hocking W. 2017. Upper level winds over southern Ontario: OQ-Net wind profiler and NARR comparisons. Atmosphere-Ocean. 55(1): 1-11.