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Themes, Objectives and Actions

The EDI Planning Group established four key themes to frame the EDI Plan. Each theme has a set of corresponding objectives and tactics and act as pillars which guide our plan and set a framework for accomplishing our Vision.


Initiating positive culture change at Lassonde to create a more inclusive and safe environment for faculty staff and students.

Recent Progress

  • Leadership Training on EDI
  • Bystander Training mandatory for student club leaders and executives
  • Multiple EDI focused trainings conducted for student support services
  • EDI focused training for TAs (A pilot program for MECH)
  • Work in progress EDI focused training conducted for TAs – pilot for MECH, learnings & best practices to be used to develop a school wide orientation program for TAs
  • Work in progress on developing along with Centre for Human Rights -a rolling calendar for training and learning opportunities for the Lassonde Community


Inviting industry educators and other relevant external stakeholders to be part of the Lassonde community, working together to expand our 50:50 Challenge to create equitable and inclusive opportunities.

Recent Progress

k2i Academy

Bringing STEM to Life: Work-Integrated Learning Programs including:

  • Helen Carswell STEAM Program for Women
  • Helen Carswell STEAM Program for Black and Indigenous Youth
  • Work-Integrated Learning in Physics

Bringing STEM to Life: In School collaborating with K-12 educators


Establishing a strong relationship with key stakeholders to create sustained, increased growth in diverse students and faculty.

Recent Progress

  • Creating systemic change  by removing barriers to education that hold back marginalized communities from pursuing a STEM education
  • Continuous effort to make hiring practices more inclusive and creating positive results
  • In last 2 years about 60% of our new faculty hires have been women


Establish systems, processes and structures to ensure our plan is successful.

Recent Progress

  • Launch of EDI Sub-committee
  • EDI Sub-committee priorities
  • Work in progress for creating an online repository for additional resources – like external training, research papers, articles and best practices